what is your ideal world to live in?

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    Default what is your ideal world to live in?

    I think this will be something fun.

    A world for me would be a place where the sun never shined a place that is dark. A place where darkness is light and no i dont mean evil. But night time is true beauty. I imange a world where all people are like me. A place where we do are own things and loud industrial style music is on in the atmosphere. A place where there is not the clones but a people of there own doing there own things. Where all people is pale like death and all are having fun. A place where there is no violence and no hate but instead a dark world of love.

    I hate sun light yet im forced to go in it sometimes. I would like a world where my home is in a graveyard where ghouls and zombies come out to play. They dance and just be happy. A world of pure bliss. No bad people no one trying to force whats right and wrong on us. And a world were you choose when you wanna die. I could keep on but ill stop here
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    you ever been to norway dub

    edit: also come on, dub...
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