Give Remnants of Arcadia a try!

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    Default Give Remnants of Arcadia a try!

    Hello there and thank you for taking the time to view our post!

    I am Myabi from Remnants of Arcadia, a free to play browser based RTS!

    We are currently in our Open Beta phase of the game and would love for you to come give our game a try, and then give us your honest and candid feedback.

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    So your website contains no real information whatsoever, even your "about" link in blank. Hell even the wiki contains little to zero information, your game's own youtube channel has nothing in it. 99.99% of all the information about this "game" on the entire internet, is posted by you in your post above.

    Given all that, I can only assume this is one of those graphic-less click and wait browser games.

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