New Minecraft/Cubeworld lets play Trove!

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    Default New Minecraft/Cubeworld lets play Trove!

    Entertaining and Fun way to Enjoy your night!

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    Hello there! Some back story: we came together on 08/7/2014, we've never met IRL but that didn't stop us from moving in together! We met on a game called Fiesta Online, a free mmorpg, and have kept in contact through Skype, Facebook, and eventually personal phone numbers due to the epic minecraft raids that needed 24/7 availability, a very competitive server! We hated getting raided. Throughout the years our lives have continued to change whether it be relationships, family, or school we always did our best to keep in touch no matter the difficulty. We've always shared the same passion for gaming, sometimes casual and other times hardcore. Just like the rest of the world we've had our struggles that required us to sideline what we love to do. There have been conversations about moving in together but the opportunity didn't appear until recently and it's been a great experience since. The concept of OMA is to showcase that it's possible for people of different cultures and backgrounds to work together and make a dream come true. We truly hope you enjoy this video!
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