Neverwinter - well, it's kind of winter.

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    Default Neverwinter - well, it's kind of winter.

    So Neverwinter, a game which could have been great but because of certain marketing decisions (Cough, PW, Cough) came out really just mediocre. That being said, i enjoyed it regardless for about forty levels with my Rogue, killing the Black Dragon in the instance was a good time and the green dragon was appropriatly powerful. That being said, seeing Tiamat for the first time and hearing about how apparently gigantic she's going to be (each head basically has a raid platform dedicated to it) i couldn't shake the urge to get back into it.

    To be honest, i know the adventure won't live up to my expectations and the Tiamat fight won't be quite the God-Of-War-Esc giant monster battle with twenty five people crawlin' all over her stabbin' the bejesus out of her, but i know i won't be badly disappointed as i have been with a number of other MMOs that have come out recently. That being said, and thought i had a good time playing single-player, i can only imagine it's better with folks to play with, as all MMOs kind of are; so i must ask, is anyone, anyone at all, interested in giving Neverwinter another stab?

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    It's one of those MMOs I always wanted to take a swing at, but due to the CS I've always avoided.
    Maybe if I somehow get bored of FF14 and warband, maybe.

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