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Thread: LF New MMO, maybe

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    Default LF New MMO, maybe

    Well, after playing archeage a while I am looking for a new MMO. I recently just got an iPhone again and was playing vain glory. It's a cool game especially with no text or voice communication there is really no harsh comment on saying how I would suck and etc. Surprisingly I am actually pretty good in that game; losses here, surrender here but nothing too bad. So far 19 wins of the week I've sparsely been playing it.

    Sadly playing moba game is not really my interest and I do get bored of playing the same map and goal all the time. So I'm looking for a new MMO game that includes the ideal of being player economy run, and it is similar to FFXIV dungeon base but with TSW dungeons difficulty and free strategy base. Along with the whole idea of free player housing.

    I know after playing years of MMO's that finding the all three is most likely impossible, so I will look for something that is more base on FFXIV dungeon grind but with better crafting system.

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    FFXIV has one of the better crafting systems I've seen in quiet a while.
    Crafting in Guild Wars 2 is decent but rather lackluster till end-game or at least it was when I played.

    Maybe if you explained what was wrong in the crafting in FFXIV it'd help us come up with some suggestions.

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