Dimmdrive is a ramdisk/ramdrive. It essentially creates a hard drive that goes at the speed of your RAM. We are talking 5,000-10,000 MB/s and even above here, people. Those are some seriously insane speeds.

So, you mention speeds..What does that matter?

Well, loading screens are more or less reliant on your Hard Drive (or Solid State Drive) reading the data it needs for your game to be ready to play. 100 MB/s is about the highest you'll find for read transfers on your run of the mill Hard Drive (SOURCE). Dimmdrive is quite literally 100 times faster then your standard hard drive.

Well, you can make ramdisks for free!

Yeah, you can. Not nearly as good as DIMMDRIVE can, however! That's because Dimmdrive is much more than a ramdisk. It was built specifically for gamers, and as such, has features that support all gamers can truly enjoy, such as:
  • Fully auto detects and integrates with Steam for easy, simple click operation.
  • Real-time data sychronization. This protects your data if your PC freeezes/crashes/is turned off/etc. Any time a file is changed in your Dimmdrive ramdisk, Dimmdrive will sync that change to your hard drive in real-time.
  • Allows large games to work with smaller Ramdrive sizes. EG 20GB game works with 8GB Dimmdrive ramdisk vis "LESS RAM?" mode. See here:
  • Dimmdrive is FAST! Here is a benchmark for a user!

Okay, you've convinced me!

Awesome! Here's some awesome videos about all kinds of neat things DIMMDRIVE does!

Detecting and Integrating to Steam

Demonstrating Real-time Data Sync

Here's a video on the "LESS RAM" (for those with 8GB of RAM) portion of DIMMDRIVE

You can get more information on the website which is www.dimmdrive.com

note: I do not work for DIMMDRIVE, I am just a fan of extremely well done software.