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    Seems fairly interesting. Apparently by the same guys that do theHunter. Essentially it's the same game, but instead of hunting normal animals, you'll be hunting dinosaurs. An added bonus may be that the game is currently buy-to-play. So perhaps the insane prices from the normal theHunter won't be present? Dunno yet, though. Only time will tell.

    From what I've seen in a stream, it seems more like a survival game. Seems that PVP is even an option, too.

    I may pick this up in the future, not sure tho.
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    It looks cool.
    Makes me think of: The Stomping Lands.
    I have played the hunter, but I was very dissapointed. Not sure if 20 euros will be worth playing. Let's see.

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    i had my share of fun in this game but its lacking a lot at the moment
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