Tap Tap Adventure || Browser-based 2D MMORPG

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    Default Tap Tap Adventure || 2D MMORPG

    Hello, before continuing any further, this game is based on BrowserQuest with many fixes and updates alongside with database handling and cross-platform saving, levels and much more to come. The game will soon be available on iOS app store and the Google Play store. However, it is browser-based therefore can be played on almost every device. The game also supports WSAD and Arrow Keys movement.

    Website: TapTapAdventure.com
    Forum: TapTapAdventure.com/forum

    Tap Tap Adventure is a cross-platform MMORPG based in the medieval time with a twist. You can battle many foes, and even players.


    Please note the game is still in development, we are working as hard as possible to create a much larger map and many more foes.

    Server Specifications:
    RAM: 4GB
    Processor: Intel Xeon (unknown frequency)
    Connection: Fibre Optic 1gbs
    Hosting Location: CA, USA
    Provider Name: BudgetVM
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    I enjoyed this. Graphics are nostalgic of 90s RPG games and Game Boy Color games. I beat the lava zone boss in one sitting. Monsters that were chasing you are kinda glitchy when entering/leaving a cave (they would stop attacking me), and the first time I went from the bat cave to the lava area cave adjacent to the Boss cave, the game just got stuck looking at a wall... Game also gets stuck if I am changing screens at the same time that my character decides to back-track around monsters to go into another screen.
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