Not sure if anyone has heard about this, but i stumbled onto this website last week and at first thought it was a scam, but thought heck ill give it a try..

To my surprise it is a legitimate way of earning free, yes free! gift cards to , paypal, home depot, starbucks etc.

Basically you sign up and you use the swag bucks website as your search engine(uses google and bing) for everyday use, and have the opportunity to earn "swagbucks". these points are redeemable for free gift cards. You can do other things like completing daily tasks(as simple as just logging in, entering a daily "swagbucks code", playing games, watching there offered videos(similar to the bluecrowns store, free video offers)or filling out surveys. You can also shop online through swagbucks at websites like walmart, the body shop,, old navy, forever21, sears, etc..and earn a certain number of points per dollar spent. If your going to shop online you might as well earn points for it!

I have been signed up for a week and have so far successfully redeemed 35 dollars worth of amazon gift crads for simply using it to search, completing the daily goals they offer, and once in a while doing surveys with a low time frame (10-15 minutes to complete) but with a high reward level(50-100 swagbucks) I have averaged about 150 swagbucks a day for no more then about 30-40 minutes of my time(which i would have spent searching or randomly doing things online anyways).

This works out to about 600 dollars a year in free amazon giftcards!!! (450 points for a 5 dollar gift card.)

if its something that interests you please copy and paste the link below and sign up!

Markusjh aka maudib89