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Thread: The Whistling Orc Tavern

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    Default The Whistling Orc Tavern

    The doors swing open, revealing a well lit room, full of tables and chairs. Off to the north of the door stands the bar, a plump gentlemen with a kindly face smiles and waves as you enter. The tavern itself is fairly bare, a fire place set to the west of the door, and stairs leading upwards to the east. You notice a door behind the bar, the owner has made it clear no one is allowed in the back.

    (basically just roleplay amongst yourselves, no future tech, fantasy only, flintlocks are allowed, but with restrictions.* Races are your standard fantasy: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half orcs, Gnolls and the variants of each. Limited Orc, Dragonkin, and Rakshasa are allowed, but must atleast speak common, and must be approved before posting. Any conflicts will be handled in a simple pen and paper formula that i will handle for the sake of everyone involved. There are no favorites here, the dice will decide your fate. IF a character is killed** He is gone, there are no second chances. Other wise, have fun, make friends, some adventures may crop up from time to time who knows.)

    *Only one shot can be used due to the crude technology. It basically destroys the gun.
    **(I will try to prevent this Via knock outs, but if fatal damage is done after the ko ic, i.e he slits your throat after, it will count as a killed)
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    it is i


    iwould ike to do this ""roleplay"" tha tu speaketh of

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