Hello! My name is Nercolex, otherwise known as Kryptic. I run a facebook page that showcases deserving indie games. Now that introductions are out of the way.

I would like to show everyone a game I have taken a keen interest in over the last few weeks I have played it.
This game is called Vale RPG

Here are some key features of Vale RPG.

~The Story~
There are chapters that unfold whilst you play throughout Vale RPG. Your main goal is to find Vale and stop the Dark Lord. Your journey will take you to many places, and you must fight many battles to uncover where the Dark Lord is residing. You will fight through the grasslands of your hometown Lanos, through countless ninjas at the hidden ninja tower, and many other lands abroad. Can you find your way to the mysterious land of Vale and defeat the powerful Dark Lord? To be honest, I am not that far in the story so what I am writing here may be off, but you get the gist.

You start out as a Adventurer in Vale, once you hit level 10, you are then able to choose from 1 of the six classes. Among these classes are: Mage, Warrior, Assassin, Warlock, Paladin, and Archer. Each of the classes have a unique set of stats given to you when you upgrade. You are able to upgrade classes (in the same class tree) a number of five times. Each time you upgrade, you get better stats, and bonus AP points towards your base stats too. Each class has its own sprite, each class as well has its own individual sprite in the class tree.

There are quite a lot of things to do in Vale RPG, such as the quests, pvp, slots, run shops, and more. You move around on a grid-like motion on the explore map but while in town, you are able to move freely anywhere on the map. Battles are turn-based and require a good amount of strategy at later levels. You are able to have a pet to battle along side you as well. You are able to join a clan, and some clans give free heals at the inn, which is a huge plus for newcomers. There is PvP, which earns respect for your clan if you win fights, and decreases respect from enemy clans if you win a fight against a member of a opposing clan.

~Additional Info~
Vale RPG is a browser game, meaning you can play it in your browser, it is also mobile friendly. The admin and creator, Omega, is constantly updating the game, and can add features without even shutting down the server. Vale has a dedicated forum located right inside the game on the UI that you can use your game account on, so no need to make additional accounts. There are banks to store your money so that you don't lose it all from dying by a monsters hands or another players. You can work for the blacksmith to earn some extra gold if you are a little short. This game has a great soundtrack to listen to while playing as well. There is a retina mode for retina monitors that looks really sharp and detailed. You can see how retina mode looks in the screenshots below. Players can have their own shops too.

Vale is free. You can donate, which you will be awarded merits that can go towards things like special pets, VIP (which is just double xp/gold), and more. Merits can be obtained by, said donations, or you can gain merits from the daily bonus when you log on.

Vale RPG Game: http://valerpg.tk/index.php?ref=996
Vale RPG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/valerpggame
Vale RPG Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPun...ature=youtu.be (this is a video I did for Vale a little while ago)


Turn-based Battle System

The Explore Screen

Player Shops

Thanks for reading! See you around.