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Thread: What mmo have u thrive to play 3-9 hrs daily?

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    Default What mmo have u thrive to play 3-9 hrs daily?

    top 5 of 2014-2015?

    i seem to get bored at tera right now, need a new mmo that i can play for hours

    must be high population and pvp

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    My 2bit list for you:

    Planetside 2 (exclusively PvP and what I'm currently playing)
    Lord of the Rings Online

    If you're fine with B2P, Guild Wars 1 and 2 both have decent PvP. I got bored of GW2 so I never got around to the PvP but I can attest to GW1's focus on it.

    If you're open to MOBAs I guess try out DOTA and LoL.

    I had a link to a top10 list for you but onrpg doesn't like it very much.
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