Avalon: The Legend Lives. Text based roleplaying world.

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    Default Avalon: The Legend Lives. Text based roleplaying world.

    [Copied from TopMudSites]

    Avalon is proud to announce that we are fast approaching our TWENTY FIFTH anniversary.

    For those unaware, Avalon was the first online roleplaying world and has been running since 1989. To this day, Avalon is still actively developed and managed and has recently become FREE to play with the sponsorship model.

    What is sponsorship?

    Sponsorship is a means of acquiring gametime as an alternative to our paid subscription service. ALL players, new, old and returning can seek sponsorship from their City, Guild or Priesthood associates and in turn enjoy ALL the benefits afforded full-subscribed players. There are NO hidden charges or barriers to progression; a sponsored player can achieve and participate in ALL things that subscribed players have access to.

    What is Avalon?

    Avalon is the oldest online roleplaying world, a fantasy-themed MUD boasting the most immersive gaming experience in the genre. Whether it be politics, warfare, PVP melee or economics, Avalon has something for everyone.

    From demon-summoning sorcerers and holy crusading paladins to puppeteering-seers and shadow-manipulating assassins, each of our professions has hundreds of unique abilities, all of which have, in turn, hundreds of cures, defences and countermeasures. Our ethos for combat is "anti-automation" which is designed to reward human "in the moment" decision making input over what a "bot" can achieve, ensuring that our combat system is the most intense, intuitive and rewarding on the internet.

    Avalon's economic system is the most advanced of its kind, boasting a complete Farming and Labours system in which players can grow their own crops, harvest their own fruits and vegetables, blow glass, drill for oil, mine for ores - the possibilities are vast. Each of Avalon's villages produce their own commodities which can be traded, sold and stolen, adding a further layer to our economy which also boasts fully player run shops in which it is fully possible for the fledgling trader to turn multi-entrepeneur and reap the rewards.

    Each city in Avalon has a fully fleshed out, player run autonomous government, from the Prince down to lowliest peasant and everything in between. Elections, ministries, laws and exiles all feature; all is controlled by the players and through warfare and military strategy, invasions and conquests are a very real possibility.

    Our warfare system is peerless. Cities enlist troops into legions that have to train in as many as fifty unique military abilities from deployment orders, formations and marching to digging trenches, laying minefields and razing barricades. The battlefield is vast and cities compete for influence and income across the land's sphere of influence, bringing forth to bear siegetowers, oil-cauldrons, mortar bombs and archery across a landscape of trenches, tunnels, barricades, fortifications and more.

    Is Avalon "Pay for Perks?"

    Avalon offers PROCUREMENT as a way to obtain lessons more quickly (standard gain is 4 per hour played) but in NO way is it possible for a player to buy a leg-up on another using real money. Our ethos for these transactions is "faster, not better" and while it IS possible to purchase speedy character advancement, the end result of this is in no way better or different to a player who reaches their crowning point using the traditional, patient method.

    Create a character today at Avalon: The Net's First Online Text Based Roleplaying Game - we can guarantee you won't be disappointed.
    El Salvador, The Crescent Plague: Warlock at Avalon: The Legend Lives

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    (Copied from meetplace.net)

    As Avalon's most recently ordained deity, I have the great honour of raising the curtain on a new ordination season with a divine gem quest. The quest will be held on SATURDAY 2ND MAY at 10PM GMT / 4PM CST, and it shall be the DIVINE SAPPHIRE up for competition. The sapphire is one of the most potent of the fifteen gems, bestowing double-speed equilibrium and thrice-crowned constitution on its wielder in addition to becoming the first contender in this ordination round. The quest will be held on the battleisle and its format shall be BATTLE-SANDS (see HELP BATTLESANDS, HELP BATTLEISLE and HELP SANDS for details). Anyone who wishes to captain a team in this quest should notify me of their intent by tell or message - I am looking ideally for FOUR teams. Team selection will be mostly by captain's choice, though take heed I WILL ensure that our teams are as balanced as possible before the quest begins. Those who have participated in similar quests of this type will attest that they are uniquely thrilling; top notch quality and supremely challenging. ALL are welcome to attend, there is NO barrier to entry on skill or size or stature and as some know all too well, the scales can be tipped by those one least expects. Prior to the main event, I will also be running at least two practice sessions in this format on the Battleisle: refreshing the memories of some and giving first taste to many others. Details of these will follow in due course. I expect to see a solid turnout from all corners of the land. Remember: EVERYONE is invited, ALL are encouraged to participate. At stake: one of Avalon's most coveted treasures and no less than contendership for Ordination itself. If you have questions, feel free to direct them to me via message, or tell, or speak with a friendly deity.

    (Kylan and Xanthe on Avalon, www.avalon-rpg.com, since 1996)

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