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    Default Nevergrind - Free Single-Player Online Browser RPG

    Hey all. If you are looking for a single-player, non-pay-to-win browser RPG, then you might enjoy Nevergrind. Disclaimer: I made this game. I have been developing this game for about 31 months now. Despite its name it's a grindy, but fun RPG with a real-time combat system.

    It has three difficulty levels, 12 races, and 14 classes, each with their own talent trees. The story is divided into 4 acts and once you beat the game you unlock the next difficulty which offers a whole new set of challenges. Note that nightmare and hell difficulty are only available with a server account! You can also use the bank in town to swap items between characters, so you can share your items with your other characters. We even offer a Hardcore mode!

    We recently wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign and launched our server account system. Season 1 is going pretty well so far... feel free to join in the fun! I make updates constantly, so expect some more fun features in the near future.

    Local Mode - Saves data locally in your browser:
    Play Nevergrind - Local Mode - A free online browser RPG

    Server Mode - Saves data using an account - micropayments to unlock some features:
    Play Nevergrind - Server Mode - A free online browser RPG (use promo code everquest if you want some free crystals)

    Here is a boss fight to give you a general idea. It's a lot of real-time combat a lot like this. I didn't really have the budget to add everything I wanted like an overworld navigation system and such, but maybe in part 2 or some other future project?

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    Combat system seems decent.
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    I've been playing it for a bit, it's actually pretty good.
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