the last onrpger

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    Default the last onrpger

    who do u think it will be

    i say apoca because he's the only person who believes this site is good and useful and tries hard to be helpful and informative. he''ll be writing guides and reviews for the latest korean suckfest when no one else is checking

    (it won't be me cus i'd leave if the cb krew died)
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    lol probably apoca and seya, posting stupid screenshots of stupid games nobody likes
    and maybe ryvius posting some really hxc custom HD PSX upscale profile

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    Dumb circlejerk post is dumb. Obviously the site would be unprofitable and close before there's a winner of the last member. Thread closed, Nick taking your nasty hipster signature off again, second warning. Next time it's a ban.
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    the last member will be Roon when he makes his messianic return

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