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Thread: Are there any Japanese Fantasy Earth Zero players from Hangame or Gamepot?

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    Default Are there any Japanese Fantasy Earth Zero players from Hangame or Gamepot?

    I was wonder if there's any English Community or players from Japanese Hangame or the official Gamepot server? If there's any please let me know via private message or whatever and gibe me your in-game name and country you joined-if possible the time when you usually get on and play so we can go kill together. I'm looking to start playing the game again. I miss hopping around doing s****saults on the battle field and poking giants off the cliff...

    Site, Hangame JP FEZ-ip block
    Ayu a reidi? Don't mind the awesome song...and don't mind the graphic it's the hi of killing people in a 50vs50..

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    そのため、日本国外からのインターネット接続と判断される場合は本サービスの利用を制限させていただいてお ります。

    NHN PlayArt Corp.(NHN) is offer this service for only Internet connection from Japan soil.
    Therefore it limits the use of this service when it was taken as the Internet connection
    from Japanese foreign territory.

    NHN shall take no responsibility about this service of use from outside the Japanese
    foreign territory.

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