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Thread: If you could play one multiplayer game until 2017...

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    Default If you could play one multiplayer game until 2017...

    If today you had to choose one multiplayer game to play until 2017, your pick would be? Over the last 5 years I've seen myself spent the most time playing these multiplayer games: World of Warcraft, DC Universe Online, Path of Exile, Ultima Online (p server), Counter Strike 1.6 (warcraft mod) and this year Marvel Heroes Online. Below I'll describe detailed my experience with them until the very end if anyone has nothing better to read.

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    World of Warcraft - The PvP seasons take way too long, I expect 3-4 months vs the current 6-7. Similar story with the PvE, I enjoyed 10 man heroic and guild progression/competition which seems to be missing now, mainly due to the lack of PvE content as well being delivered. I also can't see myself to stomach raiding the same raid bosses for 6+ months. That's simply unacceptable. MoP was considered one of the worst expansions, but for me that changed when I enjoyed it far more than WoD. I also remember enjoying hunting those difficult to obtain, limited mounts from defeating hard content (sadly time is limitless now with how long a single raid takes)

    DC Universe - This game was truly amazing, especially during its first year since launch and then it all went downhill. Delayed content updates, meaningless PvP (once you get the feats), and unmplayable for the F2P player with the limited cash balance as well as being forced to buy the DLC to be able to PvP evenly with the rest. Bottom line, it wasn't worth the sub, not when WOW was still at it's prime. Now, I've lost track of the game and it feels like on life support since most others have as well.

    Path of Exile - A fresh air for the ARPG genre, sadly it never truly reached its potential. The game has great gameplay, lots of build diversity, but now the only thing it offers at endgame is to do some time sink, easy mode challenges that reward some banner in your hideout, where people rarely come to or care about. The ladder is only a gimmick as the competition is nonexistant, with how the game is heavily designed around whoever has the most currency to invest in mapping + with the help of group/friends can rotate highest lvl of maps to reach highest lvl possible. With 3rd party sites offering currency for $, yea the game is basically just another single player ARPG, catering to the casuas who are the majority left playing in the softcore leagues.

    Ultima Online (p server) - Sadly, the game is and never will be the same game we've known at its prime. 3rd party programs destroy PvP and on the server I play PvP doesn't matter. So, I did PvE and to get the best loot all you have to do is farm the same mobs over and over and then wait on someone hoping they sell what you want, which rarely happens, mainly due to the very low population that the game is not designed around.

    Counter Strike 1.6 (warcraft mod) - This was a blast, sadly recently I installed the game again, but that server is gone now. What I really liked about warcraft mod was how I could pick 10+ different classes and level them up. That combined with how I could equip 3 unique items out of many per round, which cost CS money made CS feel far more unique with strong community. Sadly, just like the Half Life bubble mod server I enjoyed for years, these two mods are no longer popular at all. There was only one warcraft mod server, sadly it's Russian.

    Marvel Heroes Online - Beside the amazing combat, the enjoyable heroes and some of the events (which become useless later on) the game mainly focuses on attracting new players since the endgame is severely lacking. It's about prestiging (re-leveling over and over) characters you like (with specific costumes) until you find some other new character/costume you'll do the same. This is pretty much what the entire game is all about. There is one raid you finish in 15-30 min in the week and yea, it's good game to keep it in your backlog, so you can do something on some specific events, but thats about it.

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    Anyways, back to topic if I could play one multiplayer game today until 2017 I really don't know which I would pick, but I'll pick one to contribute to this thread soon. So, I'm going to do further research after quitting these games for my next long term game and what would it be if I could pick one of the hundreds out there.
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