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Thread: Help pls!!

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    Question Help pls!!

    Hey guys!
    I'm looking for a new mmo i can play, but i have very specific requests!
    I want a game with a good guild systen (every game is better with other people), and i want huge bossfights (not the ones that are in wow- i don't want a bossfight where you just stand there, do nothing and let the healers keep you alive)
    I love games where you can build a house wherever you want with your guild and stuff...
    I don't know if there is a game like this, but if not then i need the one that is the closest to this.

    Thanks for the help!

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    good guild system? mabinogi got guild castle and guild wars
    huge boss fight? unless you on some good guild.. you pretty can "farm" white dragon and black dragon"
    house? mabinogi got homestead
    yeah there is... but im not nexon spokesperson x.x

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    ffxiv has very good boss fights and the there is no such thing as a "good guild system." Pretty much any mmo with guilds is... you just join and are in a long lasting group with other people with a special chat. How good a guild is is completely dependent on it's members. FFXIV has housing for guilds. You can choose the plot of land you want and do lots of furniture and decoration customization, but you cannot do much customizing with the house itself.

    but ffxiv boss fights are very mechanics driven. The group has to properly navigate the mechanics or you will end up wiping. You can youtube some extreme primal fights from ffxiv for an idea.

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