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Thread: Gem Quest - Pearl of Stars - Do you have what it takes?

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    Default Gem Quest - Pearl of Stars - Do you have what it takes?

    On 3rd October 2015 at 5PM EST / 10 PM GMT, Avalon will be hosting the quest for the Pearl of the Stars. The Pearl is one of the fifteen divine gems, its winner will obtain great powers over the "Voodoo Firmament" and contender status for Ordination. Contenders have the right to compete for the chance to become an Avalon deity in their own right - in the most competitive, challenging quest of any game, anywhere.

    The format for the quest will be battle-sands; competition for the sands of time (a capture the flag style event). This is a junior inclusive format. All can participate and all can perform to a high level even if new to Avalon. There is no better learning experience nor opportunity to ride the rollercoaster of passions that collide in this most unique of game worlds - almost 26 real years old with unbroken continuity.

    All with an interest can JOIN GEMQUEST in Avalon. Check out for info on the Divine Gem of Stars, for info on the quest format and for details on the Ordination quest - transcending mortality itself.

    Do you have what it takes to join the pantheon of ambitious, competitive deities whose history spans a quarter of a century? Create a character today and find out for yourself.
    (Kylan and Xanthe on Avalon,, since 1996)

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    Man I though this called "Gem Quest - Porn Stars" lol

    Rest in paradise Buddha

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