Hi everyone!
My name is Juan Garcia, coordinator of a spanish indie team.

Last Wednesday, our crowdfunding started on Kickstarter, "Prehistory: where everything begins".
That's why we'll be so glad and thankful if you'd give us some feedback on it, only if you have free time of course. Any advise will be just great.


The project is a blend of Serious and Survival games (The game has pretensions of being an MMO if a higher stretch goal is reached) with a very accurate point of view, historically and archaeologically speaking; and where all objects belong to the specific period and using specific techniques. This is something completely different in content.

You will be an Upper Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer (Stone Age), who will have to survive in this world full of permanent threats. That's why you must learn as much as possible about the environment and the chances it offers you to get certain aim.

Here you have the link, in case you want to have a look to the video game o share it among your friends, physically or virtually

You will be surprised! There are very interesting rewards, like the stone knife made by using palaeolithic techniques.

Thank you so much!