(NOTE: Original template is credit of its original poster on GameDev.net)

Might as well start off right, so ive decided to create, or rather copy, a recruitment templete.
Team name:
(Or if you are calling it a company, though be very careful to abide by the faq and not mislead anybody into thinking it's a registered company).

Project name:
(or working title. If you have no specific project at present (i.e. hiring for a longer term team) you may choose to leave this out.)

Brief description:
(Here you put a brief overview of the project, including how long it has currently been in production for. For those with no specific project, prior projects, a statement of your group's goals, or a mission statement can go here.)

Target aim:
(Shareware/Freeware/retail/etc. For those forming a team rather than a specific project, you could put some long or short term plans here.)

(Can you pay, or are you offering a percentage of potential revenue? Can you put it in writing for potential help?)

(Target system, programming language and/or tools, Artist tools, Sound tools.)

Talent needed:
(List the people you need, their expected tasks and any experience needed)

Team structure:
(The people who are currently in the team, how long they've been there, and most importantly what YOU do)

(Anything you have, even if it's a wip. Just make sure it is here as a clicky link!)

(Your email address/forum/etc...)

Additional Info:
(Anything else you want to say, snippets of the story/design, screenshots. AT LEAST SOMETHING!)

(Choose what level of feedback you'd like, and delete the one that doesn't apply.)