Outfoxed takes an early look at the refreshingly deep Rogue-Like, Tangledeep.

Thereís no denying Rogue-lite games have enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent times. Games like Rogue Legacy and Dead Cells have proved to be invaluable for spreading the love of the genre. That being said, these games owe their success to their cousin, the Rogue-like. These turn-based games are much more strategic and slower paced, but can offer just as great, if not greater, challenge to their more action-oriented neighbors. Enter Tangledeep. A 16-bit rogue-like very much reminiscent of classic Super Nintendo titles such as Secret of Mana, Tangledeep offers that true Rogue-like experience to interested players. Is it enjoyable, though? More importantly to many, is it worth a look, given the fact itís in Early Access?