Welcome to FFXI, that place where you life went!

Today I will list every single thing about FFXI that any random person probobly wants to know, and if I forget something, bite me!

you can solo to 15 without much trouble, from 15 to 75, you will be spending your entire game with five other people who, most of the time, will be 100% strangers to you.

You will repeat this procedure with EASILY 10 different professions on the same character untill easily level 37.

You will die a lot and lose a lot of experience points in doing so.

You will spend a large percentage of your time either making money or having a sucky poor character.

If you arent making money, or grouping, your waiting for a group to pick you up.

you will kill the same monsters hundreds of times and likely kill identical monsters that are simply 50x harder later on.

every profession ingame is pretty much forced to play a very very very very specific way, the moment you try something new, someone will insult you.

you are playing with real live JAPANESE people too, and odds are, you arent going to know what they are talking about.


You'll actually get to see a STORYLINE if you bother to watch it.

You can go through mysterious and often impressive journies into massive dangerous areas.

If you stay around long enough, youll be able to fight massive nearly invincible monsters in groups of up to 18 people.

I don't care if the games from 2004, you'll see some pretty F'in pretty stuff ingame irregardless of some nubs claiming the graphics are dated.

Unlike most of the MMO's you play, theres actually substance in the gameplay, the grind requires skill!

When you ask for help, theres an actual chance of you being helped unlike most other games.

If you get tired of your current profession you can just go off and change it to play another one, with the choice of switching back whenever you feel like it.

Theres no true PvP, which for us small cowardly people that are just fine killing NPC's, is a good thing, go gank noobs somewhere else.

ALSO, on a lighter note, you can be a ninja, a pirate (corsair), a warrior, a super meatshield (paladin), command a lightning/fire/ice/sand/wind/ice/water breathing mini dragon (dragoon), tame and summon monsters (beastmaster), deal insanely strong critical hits as a thief, be a samurai with a big ol katana, brandish the power of the gods with black magic, wear a pimphat as red mage, use many monsters skills as a blue mage, command a small robot as a puppet master and lotsa other crap.

If you think my post is stupid, it probobly is, cause im tired and bored and dont care to sleep!