First of all, all of this information is based on other posts here and across other boards, if I'm missing anything don't be afraid to tell me :P

Attack Power (AP) - increases Physical Attack Damage
Dexterity (DX) - increases Physical Attack Speed; the lower the DX, the faster you attack
Accuracy (AC) - increases Physical Attack Hit Rate; increases Gun Attack Damage

Magic Attack Power (MA) - increases Magical Attack Damage
Magic/Mana Point (MP) - increases Maximum Mana Points
Magic Defense Power (MD) - decreases Magic Attack Damage recieved

Weight Capacity (WT) - increases amount of weight your character can hold; increases bank storage weight capacity
Detection Ability (DA) - increases Sense's Throw Damage; increases the chances of getting a LightBulb Bubble or Squiggle Bubble before drilling to conserve drill durability; increase success chance for MiniCompounding (Item Compounding from Compounder Paul);
Luck (LK) - increases Critical Hit Rate; increases Gun and Magic Accuracy (rumor: Sense's Throw Accuracy); increases better bonus growth for Mature Compounding (equipment growth synthesis); does NOT increase chances of finding better items underground or from monsters. Increases chance to "block" normal attacks, critical hits, and magic attacks

Health/Hit Point (HP) - increases Maxmimum Health Points
Physical Defense Power (DP) - decreases Physical Damage recieved
Hit Evasion (HV) - increases Physical Dodge Rate; decreases Gun Damage recieved

Each type (charm, magic etc) has 2 characters, one male and one female.

Power Type: Buffalo and Bunny
Magic Type: Dragon and Sheep
Sense Type: Lion and Fox
Charm Type: Raccoon and Cat

Power/Charm Types rely on AC for Accuracy
Magic Types rely on LK for Accuracy
Gun Types (Lions) rely on AC and LK for Accuracy
Shuriken Throws (Fox) rely on DA and LK for Accuracy
Card Throws (Raccoon) rely on AC and LK for Accuracy


Dying in this game isn't so bad, yes you lose something like 0.3% xp, HOWEVER you lose any monster quest you were doing at the time! Which means you must finish a monster quest without dying (the hidden catch)

You can't drink a potion while casting a spell, so watch out.

When the screen is crowded with shops and chatrooms, it becomes hard to navigate, hold space bar to temporarily remove them from your screen.

Right click a monster to see its level, hold alt to see the levels of all monsters within your night-time visual range, also all items in this range will ahve their names displayed too (items in future release)

Some rather important Trickster Online shortcuts:
V - myview (status screen)
C - my cards (separate from items)
I - Item Inventory
E - Equipment
S - Skills
Q - Quests

Right click yourself to open up a set of things you can do, including broadcast, call a GM (119 is the emergency number in asian countries), and opening your options screen (in case you were wondering where that was)

Hit escape to switch characters, switch servers, or exit the game

your hotkey window has 3 spell sets, click the number to switch between them, or hit the number on your qwerty keyboard (not the numpad....well it works but its so far away)

Your hotkey window has 4 shapes, 2 long 1x8 and 2 rectangular 2x4

To use a hotkey, hit its coresponding F-key

TricksterOnline's full screen does not support wide screen, so widescreen users should just keep it on windowed mode.

To swap the music in TricksterOnline with your own, first make a backup of the original file (or don't), then place the music file (.mp3) you want into the music folder and rename it to look like the old file.

In windowed mode, your mouse cursor, while TO is the active window, will not ever leave the TO window, to do something in the background on your desktop, alt-tab first

Windows shortcuts like Alt-F4, Alt-Q, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-tab, Windows Key, all work the way they are expected while the game is the active window

TO works on a grid map system, meaning there is an invisible grid on the ground, your character is considered to occupy one tile when not moving. Spell/Skill ranges are based on this grid.

On 1024x768 mode, from your character to the edge of the screen is approximately 16tiles.

At night time, your visual range is 5 tiles horizontally and 7 tiles vertically

One day cycle is approximately one hour?

Your pet is more of an equipment item that appears on your character, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't actually do anything in terms of on screen effects (like fighting, or casting a buff)

Your pet may or maynot be on the same square as you, depending on how you walked to your current square.

Your pet will walk at the same speed as you and take the same route as you when you walk.

Your pet will not start walking until you are 3 tiles away from it.

Monster quests are given to you based on your current base level, regardless of type of quest (xp or TMxp), you may repeat any given monster quest 25 times. Dying or failing a monster quest does not increment that amount, only full completions will increase it.

Three types of monster quests exist, one for XP, killing X number of a monster in Y minutes, one for TMxp, killing X number of a monster in Y minutes, and one for (sometimes) both xp and TMxp, where you kill a specific rare monster just once in a relative short amount of time (10 minutes)

Monster quests' timers begin the second you accept the quest, and you must complete the quest during that time without dying. Dying after you complete it (or running out of time) still allows you to recieve the rewards (a good way to get back to the npc...)

When you complete a monster quest, you'll hear some bells notifying you of that fact.

Certain quests and monsters will drop coins, these are usable items that you double click to increase your money by that amount automatically. The largest coin is a 500g coin.

Coins have weight, so use them.

The best potions possible can only be crafted.

Your armors and weapons can be refined like in most korean mmorpgs to a max of +10, failure will result in the item breaking.

Your armors may be upgraded with growth synthesis, a quest giver will have you get a specific number of items and when you retrieve them, he will give your armor a bonus stat, the amount it increases by is based on your luck stat. This upgrade always succeeds.

EXP and how to make the most of it

Here are the rules of EXP in TO:

-EXP is given on EVERY hit to a monster.

-EXP given is directly related to the amount of Damage you deal to the monster.

-If u overkill using a spell or skill, you will only gain the EXP according to the amount of HP left on the monster.


Case 1:

A dragon's Mana Arrow shoot for 683 on Pochi, a lvl30 monster with 1325 HP. He will need 2 shots of MA to kill Pochi. Now lets look at his exp gained.

After 1st casting of MA for 683 dmg, the dragon earned 0.5% exp. On 2nd casting, he earned 0.5% exp too. In total, Pochi will worth 1% exp per kill.

Case 2:

Now, another Dragon decides to train on Pochi. However, his MA dmg is 740. He still need 2 shots of MA to kill Pochi though...

On 1st casting of MA for 740 dmg, he earned 0.6% exp. But on 2nd casting, he only earned 0.4% exp. Total exp worth from Pochi would be 1%

The net exp earned from Pochi would be the same. However, for the 2nd Dragon's case, the exp earned does not reflect his damage potential, which in turn translate to exp potential.

However, the game is not as simple as you think. Heres the next Leveling process to worry about...


Here are the rules of how TMexp is earned in TO:

-It is not gained with every hit or damage done to the monster.

-You ONLY gain TMexp after killing a Monster, Drilling that revealed an item or Turning in a quest. [I saw somewhere in Chinese forums that Healing party mates help to earn TMexp too. Wonder if it is true..] HOWEVER! If your party member hits the monster first and you kill it, he takes the TMP as long as he has the green arrow. If Share EXP is ON, then the TMP will be distributed to the party members equally reguardless of who killed the monster.

Naturally alot would say that TMexp will come naturally with killing monsters to level up. However, by pure leveling on monster will result in changing to 2nd Job later than lv60. Thus, it is advisable to do all the available quests that gives TMexp to boost your TM level if you are bored of Drilling all day long.

Drilling deep isn't always the best choice. There are high stage drills that gives off better EXP/TMP with less time to drill.

Now that second job is here, heres what you need to know!

Second Job Requirments for English Trickster Online is LV 50, TM LV 40. Yes, that means everybody who thought it was lvl 60, TM 50 was wrong =/ thats the chinese versions requirments.


There we go, lots of info taken from different sources (mwehehehhe) on Trickster, hope this helps some people that are new!