Yeah, I made a little Infinity program because I was bored and it only took a few minutes.

If your a person like myself who use an unsupported browser, don't want to use IE, hate having to load games by logging in on the website first and enjoy having an organized desktop... then perhaps you'll find my program useful. If not, whatever.

Basically, what the program is, is its a little program that loads the official Infinity site. Sounds stupid right? Well yeah, probably... but it only loads the part that shows the login area. Whats the advantage of this?:

a) No need to load the browser itself, or navigate to get into the site.

b) If you use Firefox or something it doesn't support, this program will still work since it runs off IE (as long as you have some kind of Windows).

c) It looks pretty damn nice.

Here's a pic of the program running:

If your interested, you can download it here. Be sure to read the readme as it might have some useful information:

Feel free to post comments and whatever here. It's a pretty straight-forward program but if you need help feel free to ask.