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Thread: Brigade Affinity (Hovernmus) Singapore/Asia Brigade Recruiting

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    Default Brigade Affinity (Hovernmus) Singapore/Asia Brigade Recruiting

    The below information is updated as of 12 oct 2006.

    Brigade Affinity founded on 10 Dec 2005 of SCO Episode 1 by Strike aka SgVash.
    Our Goal: To leader Bygeniou to Victory and to foster friendship and sportsmanship through SCO
    Nation : Bygeniou (B.C.U) in Hovernmus Server
    Allegience: Freeska Mercenery Army
    Current Allied Brigades:
    Current Hostiled Brigades:
    Current Brigade Strength : 08/40

    Flight Crew
    Brigade Commander: SgVash

    1st Battalion - Eagle
    Battalion Commander: kopi

    Battalion Wingmans

    2nd Battalion - Phoenix
    Battalion Commander:

    Battalion Wingmans

    3rd Battalion - Falcon
    Battalion Commander:

    Battalion Wingmans

    4th Battalion - Hawk
    Battalion Commander:

    Battalion Wingmans

    5th Battalion - Raven
    Battalion Leader:

    Battalion Wingmans

    Brigade Structure
    As seen above we have 5 Battalion. At the moment we'll be allocating every member to Battalion 1 till we hit our brigade's max strength becore reallocating.

    Roles of a Battalion Commander
    Battalion commanders are to know each and every single member in your battalion well as you'll be coordinating your battalion for battle, war, events. Commanders are to take note of each member's absence and report to SgVash if they are inactive and we'll come to a decision if we'll boot that member. Members can apply leave through you or directly to SgVash

    Currently we're open to only Asians/Singaporeans mainly. Its a requirement to speak good english and stay active. To apply you may look for SgVash in game or post in our brigade forums at

    Important Note from Brigade Commander
    We will be expelling inactive wingmans let me know if your going on a vacation/busy with school projects and so on. Rude behavior will not be tolerated within the brigade and in the game. We're a disciplined group of Gamers who wants to promote friendship and sportsmanship among us.

    Brigade Commander of Affinity
    SgVash aka Strike

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