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Thread: Guide on how to make Infinity work!

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    Default Guide on how to make Infinity work!

    Like what the title says, I'll try to help everyone out.
    Others can also help also.
    It's a program made by 'Dreakon' it's a very good program for everyone. You don't need to login from Internet Explorer or whatever, it has no viruses and works perfectly. MAYBE it'll even help people with login problems.
    There is a notepad that tells you the instruction but if you don't want to read it(or unable to get it w/e) I'll tell you how. You have to have winzip so that you can extract files. So extract the files to your infinity folder should be infinity_eng. Make a shortcut out of InfinityLaunch then put the shortcut onto your desktop. Now we're done.

    Here's a quick and easy guide, remember to post your problems if this does not work.

    Those who can't connect to Infinity website or GamenGame:
    1. Always use Internet Explorer
    2. Download Active X manually (Korean stuff will pop, so for god's sake just wait )
    3. Check your firewall or Internet Explorer privacy settings. If it is blocking cookies, Infinity and GamenGame won't work properly. This is what happened to me.
    4. You need a GamenGame account, once you get that, just sign in using your user (e-mail) in Infinity.
    5. When you try to login go to the website then click 'News'. From there try to login. (Just go to and click 'News' around the top, then login) Suggestion by nzrock.

    Suggestions/advice for People Who Can't Get the Game to Work:
    1. Remember this game is still very new and has lots of bugs. Login server might be down a few times so maybe that's why it doesn't work. Just try at different times.
    2. Getting stuck at beach and then it says you can't connect to lobby?
    I have not solved this problem and I've never experienced it. All I can do is make suggestions.
    All I can think here is firewall or it didn't install correctly. Just reinstall the client first and try again. If it still doesn't work try getting a new firewall. I use ZoneAlarm.
    3. It seems that when you download the client it sometimes goes to a new folder called Programme or some name. So you'll have to create your own folder called Program Files. Well I am not sure, but this tip was from Useless and YouKai seemed to have this problem.

    Guide on how to sign up for GamenGame and Infinity:
    First of all make sure you use Internet Explorer 6+. Next check your internet and firewall settings for cookies. Make sure it is set on Allow all cookies.
    1. First go to
    2. Click 'Sign Up' in the login box. It should bring you to the site and there you will be able to sign up for gamengame.
    3. Put in all your info
    4. Make sure it is checked on SSO (Single Sign On) around the bottom.
    5. After you've done that go back to
    6. Put in the your username(e-mail) and password. It will ask you to agree to Terms, so click 'ok'.
    7. Now that you have signed in, right above the Login box should be a button called 'Game Start' click that and a loader will pop up.
    Now you've signed up and should be able to play.

    Guide on How to Make Internet to 'Allow All Cookies' and how to add Infinity to Trusted Zone:
    First make sure you are using Internet Explorer.
    1. Open up Internet Exporer
    2. Right on the top where there are a bunch of buttons, click 'Tools' then right on the bottom should be 'Internet Options'. Click Internet Options.
    3. Click 'Privacy' in the tabs above. Move the bar to the lowest setting, it should be 'Accept All Cookies'. Mine right now is on low, the 2nd lowest there.
    Now we have put Internet Explorer on 'Allow all cookies'.
    4. We should still be in Internet Options, if not open it up again. This time click 'Security' in the tabs.
    5. Click 'Restricted sites' and then a new button called 'Sites' should come up, click it. Make sure GamenGame and the Infinity Website is there. Once finish with that go back and click 'Trusted sites' this time, then click 'Sites' once again.
    6. Around the bottom should be a checkbox and beside says 'Require server vertification (https for all sites in this zone. Make sure the checkbox is not checked.
    7. Right under 'Add this Web site to the zone:' should be a text box. Type in and ALSO add remember the S is added. Next add and also
    Now we are finished adding Infinity to the Trusted Zone, I hope this helps everyone.

    Guide on How to Make Firewall accept Ip Addresses:
    If you are not using a firewall then I suggest getting a firewall. You can get malware by just going to a website, then a pop-up comes up and next thing you know, you got a virus.
    First the ip address of is The ip address of is
    I will now give a small guide that basically covers all Firewalls, why? cause I'm too lazy to
    1. Double-click your firewall in the bottom right corner(or wherever), where it has your computer time, etc.
    2. Click Firewall(Trusted Zone) on the side then click 'Add'. Something should appears. Type in , and . Make sure it is in 'Trusted'.
    Little Guide On How to Get Your Firewall to Accept All Cookies:
    Open up your firewall. Look for something called 'Privacy' it is not exact for all Firewalls but should be similiar and you should get the point. When you get to there look for something that controls cookies. Put that on low and that should do it. (This is what was wrong with my computer)

    OK this is what I got so far, I'll try updating and coming here to help as much as possible. Please don't whine, I'm only human.
    EDIT: Not playing anymore, I'm pretty inactive in this forum
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