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Thread: Major update for Space Cowboy + Membership

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    Default Major update for Space Cowboy + Membership

    This was just posted on the official forums at

    This looks great! Theres a lot of things the players have been asking for a really long time and its about time we get this stuff. Also interesting to see how the premium membership will go.

    Here, let me paste what's being updated:

    October 23, 2006-

    1) Premium Membership Item added to the Item Shop.

    2) A new map, Sunken City, has been added to the BCU territory (branches off from Redline)

    3) Higher level weapon's progressively increase in damage.

    4) A-Gears primary weapon's probability has increased and the damage
    has been decreased.

    5) NPCs added in the Cities.

    6) The default SP regen rate has increased (from 2 SKILL/3 seconds to 3 SKILL/3 seconds).

    7) SP regen is now increased as the Spirit Points are increased. Every
    500 SKILL points, the regen rate will increase by 1/3seconds. (For example:
    if SKILL point is 1600, SP Recover rate will be (3+3)= 6 SKILL/3 seconds.

    8) Smart SP Skill has a higher percentage decrease of SP consumption.

    9) Concentration Skill (Probability increase) is available for each gear.

    10) HP of high level mobs has been decreased.

    11) Drop rate for weapons has been increased.

    12) Warp Shop price has been reduced.

    13) New BCU map, Sunken City and ANI territory map, Violence Blizzard can be warped to in the Warp Shop.

    14) Warping through Warp gates doesn't decrease the booster gauge anymore.

    15) After hitting the ends of the map boundary, the booster is still usable.

    16) Only accessable maps are listed in the Warp Shop.

    17) Turning Point mission (Level 57) is now a requirement for entering Island's Dream map.

    1 Some gameplay sound effects have been changed. (booster sound, weapon sounds, ...)

    19) FAQ has been fully updated.

    20) Dueling in Cities has been disabled.

    21) Using the same chat type is possible ($.., !.., #.., @..).

    22) Many solo missions have been changed to Formation missions.

    23) Additional Loading Screens have been added.

    24) The distance of M-Gear formation buff skills have been increased.

    25) The distance of Snare Shot has been reduced.

    26) Text has been changed at various dialogs within the game.

    27) Various other bugs fixed.

    In the meantime, All Stat Initialization Cards and Partial Stat Initialization Cards are now 40% off this week only!

    All stat initialization card = 1,200 GPotato

    Partial stat initialization card = 450 GPotato

    Premium Membership Item

    With purchase of the Membership item, the following features will be enabled:

    1) Inventory Capacity is increased by 20 slots (80 slots).

    2) Warehouse Capacity is increased by 20 slots (120 slots).

    3) Warehouse is shared between all characters on the account (maximum
    of 3 characters).

    4) Brigade Warehouse is accessible.

    5) Brigade Leaders that have purchased the Membership can now have 20
    additional member in their brigade (60 members).

    6) Upon dying to an NPC or by crashing, the cost to repair is reduced
    by half.

    7) During the membership period, each day of logging on, 5 Power
    Mystery Capsules will be given, which can be opened for various
    temporary 1-Time use items.

    In addition to the standard Membership features, a Power Level Package,
    Regen Package, and a Combo Package are available.

    The Power Level Package contains 1, 3, or 5 Power Leveling Sets (5 hour
    item), which increase EXP, SPI, and Item drop rate by 30%.

    The Regen Package contains 1, 3, or 5 Regen Sets (5 hour item), which
    enable HP recovery while flying, increases Shield recovery by 50%, and increases SP regen by 15%.

    The Combo Package contains 1, 3, or 5 Power Leveling Sets (5 hour item), and 1, 3, or 5 Regen Sets.

    The pricing for membership are as follows:

    1 month membership = 1,200 GPotato

    2 month membership = 2,200 GPotato (1,100 x 2)

    3 month membership = 3,000 GPotato (1,000 x 3)

    1 month membership + 1 Power Leveling Set= 2,200 GPotato

    2 month membership + 3 Power Leveling Set= 5,200 GPotato

    3 month membership + 5 Power Leveling Set= 6,000 GPotato

    1 month membership + 1 Regen Set= 1,700 GPotato

    2 month membership + 3 Regen Set= 3,200 GPotato

    3 month membership + 5 Regen Set= 4,500 GPotato

    1 month membership + 1 Power Leveling Set + 1 Regen Set= 2,600 GPotato

    2 month membership + 3 Power Leveling Set + 3 Regen Set= 5,000 GPotato

    3 month membership + 5 Power Leveling Set + 5 Regen Set= 7,200 GPotato

    GPotato can be purchased at and are usable in any of the GPotato games

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    Woah, nice updates!

    Maybe i'm going to play this again. :O

    Hate it or love it.

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