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Thread: Need a lil info bout the BEST P2P GAME

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    I'd reccomend FFXI. It's a great game if you've got alot of time. There's also alot of cool people in the game. ^^ I've heard that there's been alot of inflation recently though. x_x Even though it isn't an MMORPG, you should totally get Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion. xDD It's awesome.

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    FFXI! Best P2P game or even MMO EVER! I started playing when I was 11 but quit last October. Only play it if you're willing to wait for parties for a while (depending on your job), willing to have to farm (unless your lucky like me), spend a long time trying to lvl (it's fun though w/ parties), and you have time on your hands. The community is by far the best in any MMO I've tried. Basically play WoW if you like soloing, play FFXI if you like partying.
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