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    Default Classifieds Posting Template (seeking project)

    The template Tettamanti has is great, and I thought I'd submit the alternate, for individuals with a certain skill seeking a project (the vice versa).


    (any information you want to include, you're not obligated to give away your life story but its nice to know something about a person if you're interested in recruiting them)

    (more specifically, what are you looking for? anything? an RPG, an FPS? futuristic, medieval? are you seeking to be paid, or just working for free?)

    (do you program, if so, what language? do you model; static, characters? do you draw, and in what style? do you compose, what kind of music?)

    (what formats and programs do you have access to; for example, if you were a composer, could you do MIDI, or mp3, or Ogg Vorbis, or Wav, or any combination thereof?)

    (you will only convince people of your talents if you straightforwardly provide examples of your work, and the more examples the merrier! a website you designed, a story you wrote, models you've created, a piece you composed, characters you've drawn, so on and so forth)

    (include all convenient forms of contact, including e-mail, AIM, MSN, YIM, whatever)

    (whatever else you'd like to add)
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