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Thread: mu online new zealand guild

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    Default mu online new zealand guild

    is anyone here from nz? if u are u are welcome to join our guild its maya only look out for me in world maya 6 the guild master is called Darkhatred he usually weres a full set of black dragon or full set of scale +7 but usualy black dragon,my in game name is bradizz im a dark wizard and have a shinx helm+8 a pad chest +8 and the rest is legendary +3 so look out for us

    and rember this is only for people from new zealand

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    Smile Hi

    I'm in a nother server in MU maybe you can look me up some time... ^_^

    My Dark Wiz's set is Anhubis+13+16 and x Dragon soul staff+13 Full Options and x pendants and rings also full options (lvl 359)

    My Blade Knight's set is xcelent Great Dragon armor+13+16 Fiull options also with x pendants and rings F.O. with x Knight Blade+13+16 F.O. (lvl400).

    My Magical gladiotor wears a +13+16 Gion Set with a Dark reign blade+13+16+luck+skill with x pendants and rings F.O.(lvl250)

    My Dark Lord wears a +13+16 Warrior set with x pendants and rings F.O. with Dark Raven and Dark Horse (lvl 372)

    My youngest character(newly created just a few months old) is the Muse Elf (lvl250) she wears Devine set+9+16 and carries Saint cross bow+9+16+skill with x pendants and rings F.O. but she already has a Great reign cross bow +9+16+skill although she still lacks 300 agility points to use it...

    Happy gaming!!!

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    im from NZ but my char is retarded and i stuffed him up.....

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