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    Default Guides For All Characters

    here are some guides for all the characters in rakion. the guides are from The guides were ment for korean version but they`ll still help for international version.

    Archer Guide - By: Cow
    Archer In-Depth Guide - Created by Cow - 26290 Characters Long

    August 9, 2005 Updates

    Made some COMMENTS on Attack Speed.

    get Long distance before attack speed.

    Ctrl+F Attack Speed

    Note: Control + F and type in the key words you are looking for.


    0. Introduction
    a. Updates
    b. Credits
    1. Starting Status
    2. Moves and Keys
    3. Weakness and Strength
    a. Pros
    b. Cons
    4. Status Distribution
    a. Attack Speed
    b. Cell Points
    c. Creature Attack
    d. Distance Attack
    e. Running Speed
    5. Melee
    6. Long range
    7. Score Games
    8. Solo Games
    9. Golem Games
    10. Working with teammates
    11. Targets and Hunters
    12. Mini Strategies
    13. Am I Archer Material?
    a. What does the 2nd best archer look like?
    14. Archers Chaos Mode

    0. Introduction

    Hello, this is an In-Depth guide to the class of ARCHERs, if you would like to read a guide about ninjas, please click Here. I believe everything is correct, any errors or typos should be pmed to me. If you say something to contradict what I have to say like for instance - BS Archer is the weakest class in the game! - I will have to ignore you. If this guide DOES NOT answer questions you may have then Private Message me, simply by clicking my name then clicking the PM button or by clicking the PM button at the top of this post. I am by no way putting down any class, afterall, the best class depends on the person whos using the character. Any Archer can kill any Blacksmith if they had the skill and vice versa, don't think just because you get mowed the class sucks.

    In early times, archers formed as a group and had a role in
    long range attacks. But after creatures appeared, they
    accustomed to do more of approaching attacks. They equip
    middle size sword because of their light weight

    Archer is woman class who uses bow as a main weapon.
    She takes part in long ranged attacks and they are also
    adequate for close quarter battles.
    She is really good at long range, anti-sky attack and backing
    up team. But she is usually weak at approaching attack.
    It depends of course. Some archers are more powerful than
    sword men.

    [Softnyx -]

    a. Updates

    5-28-05 - Guide created, text from dssjoek added to Cell Pt section Ctrl+F May 28
    5-28-05 - Added translated status from korean to stat distribution.
    5-28-05 - Credits added
    5-29-05 - Fixed Speed Per Point thanks shadowzsl
    5-29-05 - Added "Am I Archer Material?"
    5-29-05 - Corrected false information about arrows passing through people Ctrl+F Correction
    5-30-05 - Added more to Vsing a Ninja under "Targets and Hunters"
    7-27-05 - Long time no update, added info on Chaos Mode.
    8-4-05 - Info about chaos mode
    8-9-05 - Added more info about attack speed.
    b. Credits

    dssjoek - For text about Cell Points
    Maketa and tracker4502 for stat translation.
    shadowzsl for travel speed information

    1. Starting Status


    Basic Attack Power = 60
    Distance Attack Power = 80
    Special Attack Power = 120
    Grab Attack Power = 100
    Attack Power vs. Creatures = 4
    Maximum Energy = 130
    Maximum Armor =130
    Attack Speed = 98.00
    Travel Speed = 7.00
    Maximum Cell Points = 2000

    (Thanks shadowzsl)

    Basic Attack Power - Affects the Melee done by an Archer, this is any damage done by a dagger.
    Distance Attack Power - Affects the Range damage done by an Archer, this is any damage done by a bow.
    Special Attack Power - I assume this is damage from a charged attack, fire on the dagger done during melee.
    Grab Attack Power - Affects the Grab done during Melee, this is any damage done with clicking two mouse buttons.
    Attack Power Against Creatures - Affects range or melee done by an Archer, this is any damage done to creatures.
    Maximum Energy - Affects the HP bar of your character, this is your Red Bar.
    Maximum Armor - Affects the Armor Bar of your character, this is your Blue Bar.
    Attack Speed - Affects the attack speed of Melee and Range done by an Archer, increases the speed of delay and preshooting.
    Travel Speed - Increases your base travel speed in order to make you faster, improves the speed of which you run.
    Maximum Cell Points - Increases your cell points, the number at the top left hand corner of the screen. Use these to summon.

    2. Moves and Keys

    In order to fully enjoy the game of Rakion, you must learn the moves and keys of the game.


    Left Click - One Slash (One Second )
    Two Left Clicks - Two Slash Combo (Two Seconds)
    Jump + Left Click - Jump Attack (Two Seconds)
    Up + Up + Left Click - Dash Attack (Two Seconds)
    Right Click + Hold - Power up special attack (Two Seconds)
    Left + Right Click [Same Time] = Invincible Spin attack (Three Seconds)
    [Getting Up] Left Click - One Slash (Stuns Opponent)
    Shift - Guard
    [Standing in Front of Behind Opponent, Very Close] Left + Right Click [Same Time] - Grab (One Second)

    Long Range

    Left click = Shoots Arrow (Hold and Release)
    Shift = Guard
    [Getting Up] Left Click - One Slash (Stuns Opponent)

    [Thanks dssjoek]

    To move you should use these keys.

    ^ - Moves you forward.
    v - Moves you downward
    > - Moves you to the right
    < - Moves you to the left

    w - Moves you forward
    s - Moves you downward
    d - Moves you right
    a - Moves you left

    e - Switches your weapon
    q - Switches your weapon

    Also moving your mouse changes your screen angle.

    3. Weaknesses and Strengths

    Every class has its weaknesses and strengths, including even the great archers. Here are the things you should know about the archers before you use them.

    a. Pros

    You have the least delay through all your shoots, If unstopped, you can shoot ten shots in ten seconds.
    You allow allies to have extra combos.
    When you shoot, you stun, giving you an EXTRA second to shoot again (works well against noobs who don't guard)
    Your range damage is good.
    You have moderate HP and Armor.
    You can outrun Blacksmith and Mage so you can hit and run.
    Can own people attacking your golem alone.
    Can take more then one person at a time taking almost no damage.
    Your shot can penetrate someones character and hit TWO sometimes THREE people if they are close together.
    Best for 2~4v1 since you can shoot while they delay and keep moving (unless other archers)

    b. Cons

    Swordsman, Ninjas both outrun you.
    Your Melee sucks, and delay is to much for the damage.
    You can't see behind you, allowing easy grabs.
    Your favorite spots are homes to mages, sometimes crowded and easy targets.
    Other Archers stun the crap out of you.
    Your always a first target, so if you have the golden sword your going to be the main goal.
    You pee your opponents off.

    4. Status Distribution

    May 28, 2005 - A Chart of the status in korean if needed, Thanks Maketa and Tracker4502.

    a. Attack Speed

    Attack speed is your opinion. It is quite worthless 1~40, and you kinda see a difference. But still, it only increases the attack speed by 5%. Don't get me wrong, its ok, but I think you would rather have Long distance attack.

    b. Cell Points

    I suggest raising this around level 13, because you will need the extra cell points to summon a golem. Golem cost 2000 Cell points when you first get it and increases by 100 each time you Level it. Here is a list of the summons + cost + Lv Requirement. Or you can just get panzers till lv 39 when they cost more then u can summon >_> (Also note you can buy cell items instead of pumping points)

    Nak - Lv 1 - 400 CP
    Panzer - Lv 4 - 600 CP
    Dwarf - Lv 8 - 900 CP
    Blazer - Lv 9 - 1100 CP
    Golem - Lv 14 - 2000 CP
    Taurus - Lv 22 - 2600 CP
    Dragon - Lv 25 - 3000 CP

    Every point you put into Cell, you gain 180 cell points. Here are the CP items you will need.

    Level 20 -

    Helmet: 720 CP
    Necklace: 900 CP

    Level 14 -

    Helmet 180 CP

    Level 10 -

    Necklace 900 CP

    Level 8 -

    Helmet 90 CP
    Necklace 300 CP

    Level 4 -

    Necklace 100 CP

    Level 2 -

    Helmet 100 CP

    May 28, 2005 - From dssjoek concerning summoning

    To summon creature, first go to your inventory and put them in your creature slot.. for screenshot, go to the forum and you can see mine.. to summon you have to get enough CP in the game and you push 1 2 or 3 which ever slot you put it on. also archer's max CP is 2000 but you can upgrade it.. I have to 2750 I think.. When you buy creature, they are in your inventory and you have to put it in your slot to play them. it doesn't cost to upgrade, but you only get 3 points of upgrade per level. the second number beside the amount .. I think you're talking about the one that's little less than the price is when you resale your creature that's how much you get.. and another info is the CP requirement to summon that creature.

    c. Creature Attack

    I tried this skill on my archer, I found out some important tips. First off, this affects your attack with BOW or MELEE. you slowly see the effect as you level up, around 30 creature attack it takes you 12 shots to kill the golden golem [Lv 1]. But as you level past 10, and get into the bigger games, the golems level increases, taking you twice as long to kill it... which as you can see its not worth it. Although your creature damage nearly doubles at 30, and nearly triples at 50, so if it takes 24 shots to kill a golem with level 1 creature attack, it would take approx 6~9 shots to kill it. I guess that isn't to bad. Almost all the equipment except the armor gives creature attack.

    d. Distance attack

    Distance attack is a MAJOR improvement to archers. At Max you can prob kill a lv 1 mage in what, 4 hits? You definently want this skill before all others.

    This is the main stat you want to raise before attack speed.

    e. Travel Speed

    I have not done research about this, or how its raised, it raises by .03 or .02 per point, or thats what shadow says, thanks for correct my error.

    5. Melee Attacks

    It's odd, every class gets melee and every class gets range, and melee is always what you start on, although thats not the archers main weapon. But Archer even has some melee.

    Controls -

    Left Click - One Slash (One Second )
    Two Left Clicks - Two Slash Combo (Two Seconds)
    Jump + Left Click - Jump Attack (Two Seconds)
    Up + Up + Left Click - Dash Attack (Two Seconds)
    Right Click + Hold - Power up special attack (Two Seconds)
    Left + Right Click [Same Time] = Invincible Spin attack (Three Seconds)
    [Getting Up] Left Click - One Slash (Stuns Opponent)
    Shift - Guard
    [Standing in Front of Behind Opponent, Very Close] Left + Right Click [Same Time] - Grab (One Second)

    Only time you should melee -

    1. Uhm never

    But if you have to

    2. On a summon, on a guy with one hp and its laggy, or when you can't hit them.

    Keep in mind you should also melee if someone won't stop guarding. Grab them for an easy kill.

    3. Just keep in mind, grab for damage, and swing for delay / stun.

    6. Long Range Attack

    The BASE of the archer, the only thing you need (unless against guard whores.)

    Ok, the arrow from your bow travels in a path similiar to a real arrow. It goes up and gravity brings it down. The Further away you are the more you raise your bow. Correction to my earlier assumption, an Archers shot stops IMMEDIATELY after it hits, but if someone gets in the way of the path the person your shooting at and the one that jumps in the path both take damage. Refer to this screenshot

    Just keep in mind, the main reason for long range is stun.

    NOTE: If your playing solo, and you wanna own it up, get a ninja buddy, have him get behind you and use his stars on you, everytime he hits you he cancels your delay, so if you shoot at the right time you can keep firing with absolutely NO delay.

    If there are any allies nearby, get behind them and shoot shoot shoot, and its really nice having a warrior stand in front of you and guard, as a protection from enemy arrows. On some levels its appropiate just to stand behind and wait for the enemies to come to you, and with a large group of mages or archers blow them away.

    If you want to know how to stop certain characters and some strategies browse all of the topics. For example if you want to know how to take on a blacksmith, Go to Targets and Hunters.

    7. Score Games

    Score Games allow so many kills, average is around 10. What you want to do on these is -

    1. Avoid death (duh)
    2. Get kills (duh)
    3. Help stun your opponents
    4. Hide and conquer.

    Always aim at the enemy under the most fire, or aim at the one firing at you. There is really not much to score, except, stay behind your allies and fire at the person lowest hp or under the most fire. It's almost completely obvious what to do.

    8. Solo Games

    Solo Games make you alone, and its just like score, around 10 kills to win or when the timer ends. Its 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1. or however many are playing. I believe there are books, just like in score, that give you roughly 50 cp when you pick them up. This is a little different then score but pretty self obvious.

    1. Avoid Death
    2. Get Kills
    3. Stun and try to STEAL kills.
    4. Hide and Dominate.

    Always look for low hps and kill them, when people attack you lure them to other people and run until they get bored, then just sit back and snipe. Or you could lure one guy at a time into a hall and shoot at them so they get so stunned they can't attack.

    9. Golem Games

    This is pretty much Rakion's main game. The goal is to kill the golden golem in the middle or to the side, and then go kill the enemies golem. The Archers creature attack is weak, and it takes roughly a minute to kill it without help or without creature attack.
    Your main objectives --->

    1. First round or any round without any cell points, attack the golden golem and accumulate the points
    2. After you have the cell points, stay behind your allies and protect the golden sword.
    3. Once you die don't come back, so work to take out as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time.
    4. Faster you kill enemies less time they have to make an effect on you.
    5. Protect your golem, try to head the golden sword off.
    6. Hit enemies while they are in the air, to give your allies time to catch up, because they fall down.

    Wow the game is boring, do the exact same thing as you do in score...

    10. Working with teammates

    Archer was never meant to be a solo character, although they can be, and quite often. But you should always back up your teammates when possible, without you, they probably won't survive, mainly because they are outnumbered. What you should do is stay back, aim for the same person they are hitting, and with luck you will give your teammate an extra combo (assuming they are blacksmith or swordsman.) Goes for all characters, and always ALWAYS knock out other archers or mages helping their teammates, because they are annoying and should be disposed of, if your ally dies your going to be stuck with them and they will give you hell. Try to stay with other mages and archers, as they provide a nice stronghold, and if someone gets near you can act in a group. Remember, there is no i in team, lame saying but it works.

    11. Targets and Hunters

    People to stay away from -

    Other Archers (Unless your good at predicting patterns and your keyboard doesn't screw up like mine.
    Ninjas (On Occasion)

    People to prey on -

    Blacksmith (yum yum, better hope they don't like to grab)
    Swordsman (Yawn, such a bore fest, just shoot and jump over their combo)
    Mage (Shoot where they are about to run and watch them cry.)

    When Vsing an Archer -

    Keep Moving, Keep jumping, and shoot where you know they are going to move. Keep in mind they have the same objectives as you do. Always run zig zag and do a surprise pattern, never repeat. Watch for their stun, because if they get you in 2 shots, chances are unless your alone one of their allies gonna come up and get in another half your hp bar...

    When Vsing a Ninja -

    Always jump, always move, keep your screen positioned facing them and keep hitting the down button to run away from them. Shoot when they least expect it and repeat, when they get close enough, tease them into a grab so they jump up and get their delay, or you can simply shoot them when they are beside you, and if you repeat as fast as you can, they can't fight back unless they run or guard or grab, either way all 3 are hard to do since they are caught in your stun. if they get you in a grab, its ok, just repeat, when you get low hp run to an ally, which is a smart idea to do when vsing any class. Also ninjas tend to hate it when archers shoot at them from afar, specially when they are at golem. Since ninjas do a crapload of damage to golem, its smart to shoot them instead of the golden golem itself. Doing this prevents the damage on the golden golem, and you won't be effecting golem to much with your arrows anyway. Also, your arrows do a huge chunk of life to a ninja, around 10~12 shots can kill one, so always target them first, lethal + easy to kill. Get the ninja in a small area, such as in a corridor, or a little room, then continually shoot the ninja as they keep moving around you, then they will occasionally grab or block, when they block jump over them or take the grab and repeat, you stun bad enough that grabbing is diffult though.

    When Vsing a Blacksmith -

    Lure them in a small space and keep shooting at them. When you stun them they can't move, grab, or attack. Sometimes they are retarded enough to sit there and take the hits. Try to keep moving and turn your screen around and hit the down button. They are slower then you (even though it says they are faster), so take advantage, hit and run, Enjoy it.

    When Vsing a Swordsman -

    Same for a blacksmith

    When Vsing a Mage -

    Shoot where they are about to run, and you can easily beat a melee mage by shooting them close range for the stun, since they have to hit the up button twice to use their ice attack, generally they like to run, but their armor and stuff so low that you can easily kill.

    12. Mini Strategies

    1. Hit and Run

    Anyone who has played games like Age of Empires knows that hit and run is essential to an archer class... Obviously this game is no different. When you are archer, people are going to chase you over everyone else for a few reasons. You're an easy target, since you can't see behind you, perfect chance for ninjas to take a stab into your back. You're annoying, you keep hitting an enemy, they fall over, they can't hit, they are stunned. You're usually alone (unless you're with fireball mages or other archers) leaving you an easy target. Also, archers are a backbone to teams, without them the game gets easier for warriors.

    Now you may asking, how do you hit and run ninjas and swordsman who have faster speed then me? Well its quite simple. In order to catch you they have to chase you. What I do is, when I see someone coming near, I move away. If they chase me I run and TURN my frames backwards and follow the same path using the down key, so I can see the people chasing me but I'm running away. Then you get your white aimer on their head and you blast it. Generally I find the head to give a little more damage then hitting other parts of the body. But If you really need to knock someone over, shoot them in the knees. As you hit someone they slow down and you can continue running.

    If more then one is chasing, wait till they fall behind before shooting, in order for that to happen, you have to tease them and make them use their high delay moves, then you can turn around and pick the fastest / lowest hp off. Always smart to run to extra teammates, either let the people chase them or let the teammates help you.

    2. Defend and Shoot

    Archers, are one of the best classes for defending. They stall opponents, damage them, knock them over, and cancel mages spells. In Golem games, Blacksmith attack the golem and its pretty much screwed. One way to prevent this is by using archers, to knock the blacksmith down and delay his moves. Other way is using a mage, swordsman and other blacksmith arn't that effective unless the person with the golden sword is an archer or Mage.

    On some maps, there will be places to hide, stick close to the golem, and find the main battle field, and just shoot, if your back is facing the golem, don't worry to much about your back, if someone happens to come you can run away after taking a hit. Your teammates will love you from far away, always aim slightly above peoples heads... when they are really far away you want to aim really high above, watch for dust and sparks where your arrow hits. When you do hit you will see a circle showing you damage.
    If its just you against 2~3 people and they are full hp, I suggest grabbing the golden golem, and then running to their base and staying back and shooting until they come, otherwise if they are wasting time protecting golem just hit and run them...

    3. Long Range

    The main part of being archer is long range, you need to look hard your first few times, but it gets easy. Stay long, and look for mages or other archers that are shooting your teammates from a distance, and hit them. Sometimes they won't even see you, so they just keep moving and taking shots. If you lag, and they start running rapidly without shooting, just leave them alone, its near impossible to hit people skipping across the screen. Blacksmith are ALWAYS easy targets unless there is 3 or more of them. Just shoot at their head and take off their helmets. Swordsman move fast, whenever they do their high delay moves they are good targets as well, just be careful, everyone hates getting shot out of no where, and when they turn around and see who's shooting them they are not going to be happy.

    [From my Brief Guide]

    13. Am I Archer Material?

    Here are some ways to find out.

    1. If you die every 5 minutes every game - your not an archer.
    2. If you like to be support, archer is for you, either that mage
    3. If you like action from far away, your an archer.
    4. If you like to shoot fast, archer is for you.
    5. If you don't like low armor and hp, archer is not for you.
    6. If you don't like moving a LOT, archer is not for you.
    7. If you don't like having low CP, Archer is not for you.
    8. If you don't like archer wars, archer is not for you.
    9. If you can't tolerate dieing, archer is not for you.
    10. If you enjoy group gang bangs from afar, archer is for you.

    a. What does the 2nd best archer look like ?

    Above is a picture of the 2nd best armor currently possible to an archer, if you believe this armor is wicked, an archer just might be for you.

    14. Archers Chaos Mode

    I LOVE the archers chaos mode, no doubt about it, the only mode I like better is the mages. Heres a brief description on archers chaos mode.

    Turn into a white shining angel that wields a longbow and shoots arrows. Pretty simple eh?

    But wait, zomg whats this, the archer can shoot without delay, THE ARROWS, THEY DON'T STOP COMING T_T. Archer in chaos mode can do 3 moves.

    1 - Basic shot, just like your non chaos mode move, just hold and release. This shot can be blocked and knocks back an enemy about 4 blacksmith. The damage applied is tremendous, about the same as a mages ice spike...

    2 - Shotgun, this is, just godly. This shot can not be blocked. Also this shot fires 5, count it, Five arrows in a spread out path. Each arrow does APPROX 1/5 damage on blacksmith. BUT this attack does have delay sadly, you must hold it for 3 seconds before you can fire, which if you get hit you have to recast anyway. But the main reason you use this skill are for knock outs. Get behind the enemy line and transform, be quick, you get like 20 seconds in chaos mode. Run up behind an archer or mage thats shooting, be careful that they dont see you, get close... Charge your shot, and fire 5 arrows into their back, all of them do 1/5 damage, so its an instant knock out. Every kill you get gives you like 3-5 more seconds in chaos mode. Hold down right mouse button to activate this. Also would like to add each arrow does a knock back power enough to keep anyone away from you.

    3 - Power Spin - hold both mouse buttons and do a spin, just like your normal one. But this spin attacks with more power and speed, nothing special.

    Everytime you get a kill, your Chaos Gauge goes up (6 slots). Every kill is 1 slot, everyone kill by a summon is 1/2 (your own summon killing someone else). Everytime you lose a game thats 1/2 slot. After all 6 slots are full, and you continue getting kills, you receive 0 bonuses, so wait till your full hp or next round starts and bust a move. When your ready for chaos mode you will glow bright blue, and everyone on the field can see it. Kills obtained during Chaos mode go into your timer as mentioned above. Press "C" to activate chaos mode. Also, keep in mind that when your hit in Chaos Mode, you will not fall, but rather move back from the stun.

    P.S. You can take on any class in chaos mode as long as your not lagging, the infinite shots will definently give anyone trying to mess with you a dangerous stun.
    Blacksmith Guide- By:Novercalis
    Alright you worms, You have decided to become a Full brute Ox havent you?
    You think, just because you got the size, the ugly face and the tremdous power due to streiods, all you do is Hack and Slash your opponent to death?
    Well my young bucks, your absolutely Wrong.

    we are one of the elite strongest and second smartest out of all the classes in Rakion.
    Other than Mage.

    Anyways, welcome to basic training, boot camp:

    Swing once: Left click
    swing twice (second swing is a half circle area of effect) Left click 2 times quickly.

    Spin Attack: right click and Left click at the SAME TIME
    **With a 2 second dizzy aftereffect***
    **Dizzy = you cant move and cant guard**

    Jump: space bar

    Block aka Guard : LEFT SHIFT key

    Swing twice (with second swing is a overhead smash going in a tilted direction, VERY HARD TO HIT, VERY POWERFUL MOVE): LEFT CLICK + RIGHT CLICK quickly
    *1 second DIZZY*

    To do a Neck breaker: Run up to a stilled opponent from behind and left click, right click at the SAME TIME.

    To do a headlock with a hammer and a baseball swing: which I will call, "Batter's Up"
    Run towards opponent, both facing each other --- right click and left click at the SAME TIME.

    Running Baseball Swing: UP UP Right click
    Running Hammer to the Groin - UP UP Left click.


    Alright kiddies: basic strategy:

    Fighting Against:

    Dont allow them to get behind you
    NEVER SWING 2 times at a MAGE unless you are 100% sure you got him.
    Always keep moving in a unpredictable running pattern
    remember thier Ice spike Attack has about 5 Blacksmiths staning in line "RANGE".
    Only Attempt to Grab Mage with a NECK BREAKER After he just did a ice attack.
    Try to avoid mising the GRAb cause SPIN = Ice pillar or Ice Spike... very deadly
    Jumping Helps piss off the Mage

    :::::::Update 5/18/05:::::::::

    When there is a mage around waiting for you to get up, but he isnt near your body, he is waiting for your first move, seeing what direction you run so he can Ice spike you.
    So remeber to JUMP when you get up!


    Know thy Surrounding:
    Small Rooms - ALWAYS SWING ONCE!!!!
    YOU must be chasing the Archer
    When Chasing Archer, USE GUARD.
    They have a 1 second delay after shooting, that is when you run closer, than Go back to Guard until he is done shooting
    repeat process until you get close enough.

    Once in Melee Range, SWING ONCE!
    If you notice he jumps, Get used to it since he will ALWAYS JUMP, therefor read his pattern.
    Get close to melee, Pretend your going to attack, turn around where you know he is going to land and Swing ONCE only

    repeat process in close rooms... they are very annoying!
    Try your best to GUARD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE... they can pull off 2 arrows quickly when your in melee range.

    When in Open Area:
    Chase Archers, Use 50% GUARD tactice above and 50% is JUMPING
    Always jump in a ZIG ZAG motion.
    Whehn your near, RUN AT HIM, watych him pull his BOW back, JUMP and ATTACK in mid air... you should hit and a AIR Jump attack is VERY strong! 2 hits, golem = 3 hits.

    when Archer is in Melee, Just Try not to SPIN attack...

    ALWAYS try to Sneak up on Arhcers sniping with a NECK BREAKER.



    If you see FLAME, BLOCK IT, its a 3 hit COMBO.. so count the blocks, than Proceed to Grab or Spin ASAP.

    Never go head to head with one, try moving around sicne theier 4 swing combo can knock you down on the 4th hit and can mess you up too.

    so wait for a open spot to attack. Usually they stop at 2 swings, so when u see them swing once, you dswing 2 times.

    :::::::UPDATE 5/18/05::::::
    IF a swordsman is standing on top of your fallen body, DO NOT RISE ATTACK. he will block it and own you. Best option is to prss Down when standing up and JUMP ASAP, and continue to move DOWN a bit more cause chances are: he is doing the 3 hit swing. WAIT till the swing is finished and hit him for 2!


    Ninjas - Ninjas alove to chase ppl, but when you begin to chase them, they hate it.
    However when u know a ninjas is around, dont do a SPIN ATTACK.. they will be all over you.
    Try to grab when you see a Ninja doing a BACKFLIP.
    Tr to grab a Ninja when he disappears and pops up in mid air, he has a stunned time.

    When you see a ninja perform a combo, HIT HIM 2 times with swing.



    More power, more skills, more patience = winner.


    when having the "GOLDEN AURA", and your attacking the ENEMY GOLEM.. your going to have everyone on you.

    best way to defeat Golem is: JUMP + LEFT CLICK.. it will deal 2-3 hits and it takes about 1/4 of HP... 4 times = winner.

    However, Mages knows this and they predict when way your running to jiump, they are in exact spot to pop you with ice spike... So always Run from the back of the Mage so they cant hurt you.

    always KEEP JUMPING AROUND, so archers cant aim and Ninjas cant grab.

    Run up to the golem, Jump + hit
    Once you land, IMMEDITALY JUMP BACKWARDS, and RUN AWAY for 4 Seconds, Than jump over all the ppl chasing you, repeat process on Golem.


    Axe Throwing, at times it is Recommended if you know u cant grab someone but see him idle at a fair distance.
    The damage on a AXE is Almost as a JUMP attack.


    When spinning Attack, you have INVULNERABILITY for 3 seconds than a 2 seconds DIZZY.
    remeber pro and Con...
    you can always JUMP ATTACK golem 3 times, than SPIN without worrying of ninjas grabbing you or knights hitting you.


    UPDATE::::::: 5/18/05::::::::::::::


    to get 50 points of stats, you must be lvl 17 or 18.

    the first 50 points distribution:


    The Brute FORCE:
    dump all 50 points into Basic Attack

    a force to be reckon with in FFA and deathmatch.

    OPTION 2:

    The Grappler:
    Dump all 50 points into Grabbing power

    for the pro's who knows how to grab, has patience, end results will be sweet.. but hard to pull off... pump at your own risk.

    OPTION 3:

    The Tank:
    Dump 25 points into Armor FIRST
    than Dump the next 25 points into HP
    Since you have a very high decent attack power and grab power and special... giving a larger life for golem wars and withstand punishments from being ganked by everyone... this would be the best bet.

    "A GREAT DEFENSE is the best Offense."

    Option 4:

    Power Lvl
    Dump 20 points into Creature power *first*
    15 points into HP *second*
    15 points into Special Attack *third*

    your main goal here is to kill Gold Golem asap, and than kill master golem. mages eats Armor, Ninja eats Life... more life, is 1 extra chance of hitting golem when ganked by grabbing ninjas. No fun but you get High lvl asap.

    ----------------------------------CHAOS MODE--------------------------------------

    Quick RUles about Chaos Mode:

    Everyone has a Chaos Bar located in the Bottom Right section of your screen.
    It Has 6 boxxes. How to fill them up:

    Every Kill = 1 Box
    Every Loss to a game = 1/2 box
    If your Summon Kills someone = 1/2 Box

    Once you have all 6 boxxes filled, Hit the C Button to transform.
    Now Apparently one of our member "COW" says, you only have 20 seconds in Chaos Mode can will continue to stay in Longer if you manage a Kill.
    Granted its possibly true for the fact I had longer runs at other times and I tend to see the GODLY MAGE in Chaos say in Chaos for a long time.


    Blacksmith in Chaos Mode:

    Transformed into iron hammer chaos blacksmith. He will have the strongest power and long range attack. Swings a huge scourge to destroy your enemy. The best AP destroyer, and has the strongest AP

    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000
    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

    Left click = Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally.
    Left Click again = Move forward and swing iron hammer horizontally twice.
    Left click a third time = Move forward, swing twice and strike down.
    It damages all the surrounding enemies.
    (2.5M of the half the diameter)

    So during Chaos Mode, you can click left 3 times than the usual 2 times.

    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000
    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

    Right Click hold and release after 1 second= Spin and swing with iron hammer

    ****THis is good to use when everyone is within near each other and your swings wont catch everyone. This will surly catch everyone.

    ****Also note, you CANT BLOCK this move. Easy Knockdown.

    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000
    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

    Left + Right Click Simoteanously = Gain long invulnerability status and cause constant damage to the surroundings by swinging the iron hammer 360degrees.

    ***You will be moving at decent speed while spinning the iron hammer over your head hitting everyone. The Radius is the same as the basic attack.
    2.5M of the half the diameter.

    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000
    00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

    Suggestion: Try not to use the Right Click due to it takes a second off your Chaos time meter.
    Best to use Right+Click click to enter into a crowd of people. Than Start Swinging away with 2 Left Clicks sicne you will have delay if you go for 3.
    Unless you have your target DEAD LOCKED, than go with a full 3 left clicks to kill him.

    Blacksmith does considerable amount of damage, if people begin to jump on you.
    Do the over head spin.
    Granted Mages becomes your worst enemy since your soooooo big and wide, easy homing targets. Same with Archers. They to target you ASAP once in chaos.
    So go after Mages first than archers than anyone else.

    Mage Guide - By:Novercalis
    Welcome my young Apprentice.
    So you acknowledge yourself right away that your not big enough like those streoid freaks like the Blacksmiths.
    Than the Bow is more bigger than you are, with a tork pull back of dbl your weight.
    You tried to weild the sword, but all you manage to hit when your lucky is someone else toe, and via that, your own teammate toe!
    well you have 2 options left, A Ninja and a Mage.

    Lets not bother with a Ninja, clearly your self aware they are for newbies.
    Thus the whore who wombed you for 9 months has passed her trait of wisdom upon you.
    You had a knack for aiming at the knees and was inspired by the Taru Taru Cleric.

    welcome to Rakion, Novercalis's version of Mage training school.


    The Apprentice Way

    1 -To swing your twig once: Left Click
    2 -to swing your twig of ub3rness twice: Left click 2 times

    3 -To crreate a Healing Ball: Right Click

    *****You can only Create 4 healing balls, they heal 20% of your life.

    ***** Enemies can destroy your healing Balls

    ***** You Can Create 4 and they will be there always until once of your teammate walks through it

    ****** It is best to create the 2 healing Balls so, if you dont have the time to stop and create a heal ball due to someone is on your back, You Can run to the other 2 balls you have

    ****** with that note above, its best to CAST A HEAL BALL, somewhere hiddenly, only YOU know where.. behind a box, pillar, in a corner of a unwalked pathway.

    4 - To Cast a Fireball - Use your WAND of 4Nee, Left click and Hold for atleast 1.5 seconds and than Release.

    5 - To cast a HOMING fireball - use your WAND of nee, Right Click and HOLD, AIM at target player and hack it LOCKED on that player for atleast 1.5 Seconds.

    **** You will see a Yellow Circle appear and begins to Shring, The second that circle turns RED, RELEASE the button ASAP before you lose lock.

    **** Homing Fireball = VERY strong damage, very hard to Hit

    **** You shot 2 of them, MAKE SURE there is nothing in your way that will block the fireball, such as box, pillars, fences, floor, wall.

    6 - To Create a Tornado - Right click and Left click @ the same TIME!
    *** Deals no Damage
    *** Pushes Enemies Away from you
    *** Has a Dizzy effect on you for 2 seconds
    *** Dizzy = You cant move, cant block

    7 - To Paralize with ICE:-- GRAB MOVE --- You Must be next to him, face to Face, and Left Click, Right Click @ the SAME time.
    *** If missed, you will create Tornado

    8 - To Create an Ice Shard, stabbing the enemy - GRAB - Must be directly Behind opponent, Left Click and right Click @ the SAME time.
    **** does very little damage, Would not Recommend it.
    **** when missed, you will create a Tornando

    9 - To Cast Ice Spikes - Click any 2 Directional Key + Left Click.
    **** Use this to kill GOLD and Enemy GOLEM
    **** It has a delay of 3 seconds (1 second When you performed it, than 2 seconds stalled)



    When the Enemy has the GOLD Sword: Some areas, where you know they have run to, and the Path isnt WIDE such as Hallways, Doorways that is halfway Open, Stair Cases
    You will want to Put yourself in the entrance of the hall, when you see Gol guy come near, He is expecting you to SWING or Ice Spike, so he WILL jump
    however what you do is:
    This will allow your teammates who are behind him to CATCH UP to begin the beat.
    Chances are, he will get hit ONCE, enough time for you to recover to cast another tornado.
    If at all, You can RUN to the END of that hallway and BLOCK him once more.

    Same with Doors in some areas.

    *** Now if he is at the GOLEM, you have 2 options:

    against Arhcers use Ice Spike
    against Blacksmith use Tornado
    against Knights use Tornado
    against Ninja in long range - ice spikes
    Ninjas with Melee - Tornado
    Mages - Ice spikes


    Other Tips/Trick

    Some maps, When you have GOLD SWORD
    use fireball froma Distance, many expects, Gold sword will be melee'ing Golem until the realyized, "Hey Golem taking dmg and I dont see him.. oh shit, FIREBALL!


    If you decide to GO DEFENSE:

    Use Fireballs to HIT ALL ENEMIES in a small area of effect and GOLD GOLEM
    This will allow, Knock down on enemies = less dmg hit on gold goem for opposite team, more for your team.

    there are some maps, where instead of tornando and ice spike being effective, the use of fireball Directly on your own golem can assure knockdown or stun on the enemy
    which in reuturn gives your teammate to ROMP HIS ASS.

    If you decide to use Grab: USE PARALYZE.. it does MINIMAL damage, however if your teammates are nearby and REALIZES IT... that dude who is locked in there is in one hell of a ride.
    its a PARALYZE of 4 seconds.

    If your PRO at it, use it on GOLD sword, so he can die ASAP.

    When falling down from a FAIRLY HIGH PLACE, hit left click + right click at the SAME time to prevent Damage.


    As a mage, we tend to have Knights and Blacksmiths on your ass.
    Why is that, cause your Ice spike Knocks thier Armor Insanely!!!
    Due to you run very SLOW: chances are, your gonna be knocked down by a running attack from a knight, archer or take 1 hit from a blacksmith running attack.

    Therefor, every 4 or 5 seonds when running away, JUMP.
    this is the time, I Counted a "UGH" sound from a knight, trying to charge me. and always VERY close. He does it every 3 seconds, so if he ran for 4 seconds on me or 5 seconds, he has a GUARENTEED hit on me.



    what to raise????

    Well, I have raised from the 1 column, 2nd row.
    This is "Long Distance Attack"
    This helps damage done by your Ice Spike and Fireballs.

    Suggested Stats:
    INCREASE SPEED.... it would WOULD ALOT catching up on gold, moving faster and away from enemies.
    getting closer to perform ice spike when u see someone in a DIZZY state.


    HEAL BALL - the other 2 u have saved up, or maybe 4
    If you see a teammate low in life or is attacking you, he is telling you to HEAL him.

    pls DO SO... ur weak, he can save u maybe, HEAL HIM/HER!
    we will be lucky enough to see our life at 40%, since basically after our AMOUR is gone, it takes about 3 hits more and we are dead.
    That goes QUICK!


    Mages vs Blacksmiths:

    Use Ice spike when he performed to swing moves back to back, he has a delay of 1.5 seconds.

    use Ice spike when he is attacking someone else and your nearby behind him

    use ice spikes when he does his spinning attack.


    Mages vs Archers

    Just ZigZag run, when near, Ice spike

    When using ice spike, dont be TOO CLOSE, than they will run.
    they forget, your ice spike has a range of about 5 blacksmiths standing infront of each other.
    As long as you hit him/her with the TIp is enough.

    or, If you notice the archer is a JUMPER, predict his/her jumping pattern:
    Run towards archer, SWING once, turn to the predicted jump area and ice spike.
    He thought you ice spiked when you actually SWINGED and now took a load of damage.

    as a midget mage, its hard for them to aim at you... use Guard if your faily at a distace. The closer you r to them, they ahrder for them to shoot you.

    MELEE attacking is possible for SAFER way with no delay on archers.


    Mages vs Knights

    Good Luck... unless its a newbie, just start jumping and run away.
    RUN TO YOUR OWN GOLEM and hope he gets hit by it!

    on a 1 vs 1, U WILL LOSE.

    however, try your best killing them first ASAP.
    always chase behind a knight when he is tagretting someone else.
    if they are chasing you, run to your nearest Blacksmith or Archers to help out.
    if your the ladt person, GOLEM is your best friend, stay in front of golem majoirty of the time and start shooting FIREBALLS

    he will have to get close sooner or later and take a golem hit.

    if alone, DONT BOTHER KILLING GOLD GOLEM, you dont have enough power to do so, nor the time if a knight is on you.


    Mages vs Ninjas - Very hard to hit... use Melee until he/she strikes back with a combo, dodge combo and ice spike.
    also, Golem is your FRIEND


    Mages vs Mages - Who is skilled with hitting the opponent with ice spike = winner.


    REMEMBER: Golem is ur friend, be a COWARD if u have to.. your a mage, your wise, even if it gives u a yellow back.. who won and ets to go home to a hobbit wife for some freaky foot fetish?
    You do my taru friend.

    ****************LLL****IIIIIIIIII**NNNN***NN**KKK* *KK*******
    ****************LLL******IIII****NNN*NNNN***KKKKK* ********
    ****************LLLLLLL*IIIIIIIIII*NNN***NN****KKK **KK*******

    Also check sinister Version:
    Ninja Guide - By:Cow
    [quote] In-Depth Ninja Guide - Created and Reviewed by Cow - 19,642 Characters Long.

    Note - Ninja is NOT a beginner class, Archer class tends to help you in the long run with grabbing. (Since you learn to predict movements so you can predict grabs)

    Also keep note, THIS GUIDE WILL BE UPDATED, Check my sig for updates.


    August 8th, 2005 Updates

    Fixed some attack info, Ctrl + F Control

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction - Notes from me.
    a. Updates
    b. Credits
    2. Starting Status
    3. Moves and Keys
    4. Weaknesses and Strengths
    a. Pros
    b. Cons
    5. Status Distribution
    a. Grab Attack
    b. Speed
    c. Basic Attack
    6. Melee
    7. Long Range
    8. Score Games
    9. Golem Games
    10. Solo Games
    11. Working with teammates
    12. Targets and hunters.
    a. Vs Archers
    b. Vs Blacksmith
    c. Vs Mage
    d. Vs Ninja
    e. Vs Swordsman

    Start of the guide
    1. Introduction
    Hello, and welcome of course, to my guide about the newest class of Rakion, Ninjas. As of now, there is only one guide about ninjas, and that would be mine. Ninja is the second character I tried aside of archer, and you can read my archer guide Here. There are a few things you wannabe ninjas may want to know.

    1. Ninja requires low ping or extra patience.
    2. Ninja has extremely low armor and hp.
    3. Ninja has extremely low damage, aside from its GRAB attack which does the most in the game (except wall ice-spike).

    Keep a watch on my signature to see if theres been an update to my guide recently. Updates will be posted in parathesis near the guide name, and then will be updated within the guide. This is to create a good sense of organization for the users who enjoy knowing whats going on.

    Thanks Guys,

    A. Updates
    June 9th, 2005: Guide was made.
    June 10th, 2005: Correction on recommending stat pts.
    August 8th, 2005: Attack Info Corrected.

    B. Credits
    Special thanks to the following users:

    Geet, for helping me get use to grab and testing grab damage.
    shadowzsl for starting status.
    Doremi for attack info

    2. Starting Status
    The starting stats for the ninja is as follows:

    Basic Attack Power = 70
    Distance Attack Power = 90
    Special Attack Power = 100
    Grab Attack Power = 100
    Attack Power vs. Creatures = 0
    Maximum Energy = 160
    Maximum Armor = 110
    Attack Speed = 98.00
    Travel Speed = 7.60
    Maximum Cell Points = 1600

    Credit to: shadowzsl

    Don't be deceived! Don't Panic! 0 creature attack? No way! Well the reason why the creature attack is so low is because of ninjas second range attack, the only class in the game aside from mage that has 2 range attacks. When you click and HOLD your right mouse button, you will crouch to the ground, and a golem can swing over you, and when you release you fling nine count them, NINE throwing stars with just enough radius to hit the entire golem with all 9. You can ALMOST take out a golem in 2 of these, and it takes less then 10 for the golden golem. You have to be close though, otherwise the stars will go into the ground, even though it classifies as long range it is quite short. As you can tell, the ninjas grab PWNS massively... (Blacksmith has 120 grab sadly, they get everything, they just suck though.) Grab is the ninjas MAIN move, when you grab you perform a combo of four grabs, and the strongest grab is the last one, so if they have about 1/8 of their bar left they screwed on the last part. Travel speed is the best in the game as well, but a blacksmith just needs to put 13 pts into travel speed to keep up, so be warned. Cell points, you have the lowest in the game, so compromise with that. Summons are hardly that important anyway, but all those extra cell points and nothing to do with them, might as well use. Maximum armor is also very low, which tends to be a problem, one ninja grab can wipe your armor bar -.-.

    3. Moves and Keys

    Close Range

    Left Click x 4 -Stab three times, kick then jump back.
    Left Click x 3 Right Click - Old version of Left Click x4
    Left Click x 2 Right Click -Stab twice then throw dagger in air and slash.
    Up Up Right Click - Dagger Glide
    Up + Up + Left Click - Jump straight into enemy and kick the enemy in the air.
    Right mouse + Hold - Concentrating the energy and strike with the whole body.
    Both Mouse Buttons - Disappears instantly and strikes down from the air.
    [Getting Up] Left Mouse Button - Disappears instantly and shows up after big explosion.
    Shift - Guard
    [From Front] Both Mouse Buttons - Stab enemy's neck and cut around enemy's body.
    [From Back] Both Mouse Buttons - Stab enemy's neck from the rear.

    Long Range

    Left Click - Throw 3 Separate Throw Darts.
    Right Click + Hold - Throws 9 Separate throwing stars towards the ground in front of you.


    W - Moves you Up
    A - Moves you to the Left
    S - Moves you down
    D - Moves you to the right

    ^ - Moves you up
    < - Moves you left
    > - Moves you right
    v - Moves you down

    q - Rotates Weapon
    e - Rotates Weapon

    [Thanks to Doremi for some controls]

    4. Weaknesses and Strengths

    A. Pros

    The Ninja has very power grab attack
    The Ninja has extended range with its 3 star throw.
    Ninja moves very fast.
    Ninja jumps the highest.
    Ninja Changes its weapon within a second.
    Can pwn any class.
    Does the most damage to Big creatures, such as a golem.
    Stun and sneak.

    B. Cons

    Very weak physical attack outside of grab.
    Very low damage with its throwing star attack
    Eventually gets outspeeded by swordsman.
    Can be pwned by any class.
    Does low damage to small creatures.
    Sneak attack commonly doesn't work
    Miss your grab and you are open for 2~3 seconds.
    Down in a few hits.

    5. Status Distribution

    A. Grab Attack

    This currently, at the time of the korean version, is the most important thing to a ninja, using grab you can do up to half a mage, ninja, and archers bar. Raising grab can increase it enough that you can 2 hit a mage in your level 14s. This is a MUSTTTTTTTTTTTTT for all ninjas, unless of course theres some new kewl secret with int rakion or something to do with Chaos mode. The only way you will not want to get this as your main stat is if you can't grab, in which case you shouldn't be ninja...

    B. Travel Speed

    I have NO idea how this works, I was told its .03 points per stat, I assume it helps out a bit, ninjas base speed is 7.60, with 50 pts and .03 thats 1.50 extra speed which in turn = 9.10.

    C. Basic attack

    Useless, Ninjas basic attack sucks, let alone adding points into it, after you max out grab I recommend Cell Points and +Armor and +Health over this skill.

    6. Melee

    Melee includes GRABBING and SWINGING.

    First is the FRONT grab.

    You stick your dagger into their neck and spin. In order to do this you get directly in front of an opponent, as close as you can, and press both mouse buttons at once, if YOU ARE NOT CLOSE ENOUGH OR UR NOT FACING THE FRONT OF BACK, YOU WILL FLY INTO THE AIR TO DO A HIGH DELAY JUMP ATTACK. If suceeded, your ninja will proceed to stab and gash and spin the opponent around.

    What you like about this move? High Damage, knocks the enemy down.

    What you dont like? You might have a few people waiting with charged swords for you to finish ur combo.

    When to do it? When theres buncha noobs around or when your alone.

    When not to do it? When you got charge happy people waiting for you to finish your stab.

    Second is you BACK STAB.

    You stick your dagger into their back and push it through their heart. In order to do this you must be directly BEHIND your opponent and press both mouse buttons are once. As above, you can not be to far away of you float into the air and do a jump attack. If suceeded your ninja will proceed to stab and gash and twist your opponents insides.

    What you like about this move? Highest Damage in game aside of DIRECT mage ice spike (difficult)

    What you dont like? You might have a few charged combos waiting for you...

    When to do it? Any chance you get.

    When not to do it? When your low hp or surrounded by a lot of people.

    Third is your NORMAL slash.

    You slash your dagger towards your opponent. In order to do this you just click your mouse button, and there are many combos you can perform as well.

    What do you like about this move? Stunnage, keeps people in the air for a few seconds.

    What you don't like about this move? Weak Damage

    When to do it? When the noob won't stand still or when someones falling to the ground and you need them in air for teammates.

    When not to do it? When you or a teammate can pull off a perfect grab.

    7. Long Range

    Ninjas good with long range from a short range, ironic isn't it? Anyway ninja has two types of long range. First is its 3 star throw, which throws 3 stars in a wide radius, and the second is a 9 star throw, where you crouch and throw 9 stars in front of you. When to use these and how to use these:

    1. Using your 3 shot throw is used for killing low hp runners, finishing off golem with low hp, breaking delay, and hitting monsters that you can't grab.

    When you shouldn't use these: When your opponent is full hp or when trying to 1v1 an archer or mage, it will come back to bite you in the ass. Or when your opponent has someone with delay and they are going to grab them (because it breaks delay).

    2. Using your 9 shot throw is used for killing a golem, hitting a big crowd, killing a minotaur, or knocking a jumper down, or putting some damage into blacksmith.

    When you shouldn't use these: When your facing other ninjas or mages. When your fighting a small creature. When you can easily grab someone instead, or when someone has an opponent in a nice spot with good delay. (cuz it breaks delay)

    8. Score Games

    Fun Games, the only thing I really find them good for is practicing your grab on low levels when your level 10, because of the minimal exp you get, its good for a long time if you need to practice grabbing. These kind of games are also good stress relievers (unless ur missing every grab and in turn getting grabbed yourself).

    Now what to do in a score game.

    STICK WITH YOUR TEAMMATES, I don't care if you got an uber 1337 grab that can kill a mage in 2 hits, stay with your teammates. When your near 2 enemies, ones bound to have a charge up waiting for you when your done with grab. BUT with a teammate, he can cancel the opponents charge allowing you to get away with 0 damage.

    Sneak and hit tactics: Sneak up on noobs that don't have their back watched, ice spike mages, fireball mages, archers, double swinging blacksmith, star throwing ninjas.

    Sneak up on people that are reviving from death. Chances are when they revive they COULD'VE been watching one of their teammates, so they will have a few seconds of delay, then just pop it and backstab them.

    Always ALWAYSSSS have fun, stressing over missing multiples grabs or getting your ass whooped doesn't help, usually makes you worse from stressing without thinking.

    9. Golem Games

    Power Leveling games... The Only thing you should be playing for the first 6~10 levels. The goal of all golem games is to of course, either kill all opposing teammates or kill enemies golem. You have a nifty attack for killing golems, which you may have read about in the Long range section (Ctrl+F 9 Shot). During Golem games you must keep these objectives:

    Support team, even at a cost of losing some of your hp bar, numbers DO matter in a golem game, since players do not revive.

    Kill all opposing enemies, since as above, numbers DO matter, and when you kill enemies you get exp (which adds up) and you relieve an opposing player from the teams burden, possibly a fatal player.

    Kill the Golden Golem. Ninjas have extremely strong abilities to kill the golden golem. Using their (Ctrl+F 9 shot) 9 shot star throw, they can take away 1/10 of the golems hp in a 1~10 game, and it takes them almost 2 hits for the big golem. Contributing on the golem could help your team take that away from the enemy players.

    Distract enemies. You have the speed required to distract enemies. By distracting these enemies you give your allies a chance to kill golem. Distracting includes:

    Running Around so they cant hit you.

    Grabbing the mages using fireballs.

    Grabbing the archers.

    Making numerous people follow you.

    Forcing people to focus attention on you, for instance don't get up and make a guy guard on you until an ally grabs him.

    People you want to watch out for in golem games are SWORDSMAN, GOD bless the swordsman, ANNOYING little critters. Their damage stinks, but they knock you down so damn much and you can't get anywhere near them. Read the Targets and hunters section to find out how to take on the swordsman (Ctrl+F Swordsman Tactics).

    10. Solo Games

    Nothing much involved with solo games, your main tactics are to steal the kills from others and to stand back and wait for a high delay move to be done. Always watch out for the swordsman, always swinging in little loopdy loops so u cant get around him, god hes annoying (Ctrl+F I freaking hate swordsman) <--- no just kidding don't ctrl+f that.

    Anyway, in Solo the person with the most kills wins the round, when the timers up or when they hit the max amount of kills.

    Suiciding cost you to lose one of your kills putting you back 1, and dieing grants an enemy one point as well.

    Rather then risk dieing you should attempt to get the little hp bottles that are usually on every level.

    Although there are no teams, its still a good idea to team up with people.

    11. Working with teammates

    Ninjas usually hate working with teammates, but if your facing more then 2 enemies, you really have no choice. The reasons why you hate working with teammates is because of their stupidity. Generally you have idiots that cancel someones grab delay causing you to miss your grab, go flying, and get grabbed instead. But you also have those responsible helpful teammates that might do something like an ice spike allowing you to grab the enemy at the same time creating a one hit opportunity. I don't generally accept working with teammates while a ninja to much so I'm going to skip this section - Might create it later.

    12. Targets and Hunters

    A. Vs an Archer

    When playing against archers ninjas have one goal in mind... Grab for ez kill. The thing about archers are, they are usually smart enough to have their back to a wall or to allies. At low levels u can pretty much kill an archer in 2 backgrabs. Heres how you defeat them -

    Watch for an empty spot on their back, take a way they wouldn't expect around to get to them then take a jump on their back.

    Hit them while they are shooting in open field, they can't see behind them so you have a good 2 seconds on their back before they see you.

    Run towards them and when you see them turn around, guard as fast as you can to block their shots until your close enough to grab.

    Even tho all these tactics work, if an archer is shooting at you and won't take eyes off you, just run away, they hurt -.-.

    B. Vs a Blacksmith

    Blacksmith, possibly the easiest class in game to grab aside of mage. When vsing blacksmith theres a few things to do -

    Wait for them to swing twice at you then grab them with their extreme delay lolzolzolz pwns

    Hit them then grab them as they fall from a jump attack.

    Jump over their special attack repeatingly until they swing for delay...

    Trick them by standing still until last second so they try to grab and go spinning.

    Grab them as an archer or someone pwns them.

    C. Vs Mage

    Mage, the EASIEST class in the game to grab, lol delay powar? Anyway, to conquer mages its not to hard. ALL of the mages attack has mass delay. Their spike takes around 2 seconds to recover from, not to mention the time they spend casting it. Fireball takes time to lock on, and their melee takes a second to recover from with a double staff combo, making it easy to recognize early. Casting a heal ball also screws them up because that gives 3 seconds of delay creating it. Heres how you trick a mage -

    Stand still to make them ice you, then jump over it behind them for a grab (lol works everytime).

    Stand back and wait for them to ice someone / golem and then go up and grab (also works everytime).

    Run up to them while their fireballing someone / golem and grab (almost works everytime).

    Catch them while they make a heal ball for themselves or teammate.

    Sneak up behind them using passages or doors, and grab them while they do w/e.

    Grab them while they use any of their moves (also works).

    D. Vs Ninjas

    Figures this out for yourself, I don't want anyone grabbing me 24-7. (Yes I have made my choice, I will be a ninja in rakion international, maybe archer as a secondary characters.)

    E. Vs Swordsman

    The most annoying class in the game to grab. Nothing is fun about vsing swordsman. Althought they tend to be very weak overall, they are very hard to grab, they have a nice swing combo that spins all around them that knocks down any approaching person. They also have a 3 hit c

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    Hmm a good one.. I've read it some more else before.. Where was it?

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    why there is no warrior guide???

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    these guides are all assuming that the ppl u r fighting r noobs... also some of these guides make you act as a noob as well..

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    i never knew rakion need a guild hmm i just thought for an archer 2 things u need is to aim good and luck
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    im not a noob i wonder why am i speaking in this Forum:confused:
    Well! I sleep while i play my computer Being Cool Is just my thang:cool:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megacrusher
    im not a noob i wonder why am i speaking in this Forum:confused:
    you really need to stop spamming and read the rules
    this is a verbal it again and you will get a warning

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    Quote Originally Posted by olaph
    you really need to stop spamming and read the rules
    this is a verbal it again and you will get a warning!
    im not spamming.... well sometimes............... i just helped most of the time
    Well! I sleep while i play my computer Being Cool Is just my thang:cool:

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    well this guide is quite much for noobs its good to start off but it wont get you far and youd get pawned by ppl who have a decent amount of skill. also some of the information here may not apply too much like archers cannot use the same skills stated when against stronger players who know how to fight at higher level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inferno11 View Post
    why there is no warrior guide???
    coz warrior sux... hehe juz kidding
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    Red face hello man i want any hacker rakion plesssssss

    Quote Originally Posted by Megacrusher View Post
    im not spamming.... well sometimes............... i just helped most of the time
    hello man . plesss hacker rakion ok

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    Talking holaa

    Quote Originally Posted by Talawar View Post
    i never knew rakion need a guild hmm i just thought for an archer 2 things u need is to aim good and luck

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    Don't Necropost. Pls read the date of the last post b4 posting.

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