From now on, enter the homepage.

Then, you can see "Tales weaver download".

If you can't see, click

and click "동의합니다". It means agree.

If you click, It's come up "Download 1" and download 2".

File is same. so you can choose 1 or 2 and download.

Now! I'll teach you Korean.

파일 이름 is "File name"
파일 크기 is "File size"
경과 시간 is "limit time"
남은 시간 is "Remain time"

You have to ignore 받은 크기 and 전송 속도. It's not important.

and! click "시작" It means "start". "실행" is "carry out or excute".
"닫기" is "cancel or call off"

Now, you should wait during downloading.

If it's done, click "Excute"!!

Thank you hearing my say. Let's see next time!

일본과 미국을 가장~ 좋아하는 동완님께서^ㅁ^