We met again.

Now, click "실행".

"예" is "YES".
"아니오" is "NO".

Keep extracting, if it's done to complete, Let's carry out "테일즈위버".

Then you can see a lot of things.

홈페이지 is homepage. 아이템샵 is item shop. 신규가입 is New register. but now Registering is become available in game. so you have to ignore.
이벤트 is event. 추가다운로드 is add download. Now, you should wait again during extracting. if it's done, come up "최신 버전입니다." It means "New version". 환경 설정 is environment creation. now, Let's start "게임 시작" !!!! It means "game start"!!! If you start right away, press "게임 시작". "오프닝 보기" is seeing the opening. 크레디트 is credit. 종료 is cancel. If you enter "게임 시작", you can see a lot of servers, then you can choose server. "적음" is people are little, "보통" is people are normal, "많음" is people are a lot. if you enter your wish server, now click "동의합니다" . now, it's time to sign up!!! "신규 계정 생성" is register. now, click!

See you next time. ^^

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