Enter the "신규 계정 생성"?
Then Let's click "넥슨 아이디 생성". It means "make a nexon's ID."
"어린이 회원" is "child member" below 14. "일반 회원" is "normal member" over 14. I don't know about American's age.
Korean age: 14 then American age: 13

Let's click "agree". 이름 is name. oh! you should not write name in English. why don't you write just "이주호"? 주민등록번호 is resident registation number.
주민등록번호 is very important, so you must not show your resident registation number, you know. but I don't know USA has this.

"생년월일" is your birthday.
"아이디" is idification. "닉네임" is nickname.
"비밀번호" is password, "비밀번호 확인" is password confirm.
You should write password, mixing alphabet and number.
"성별" is your gender.
"주소" is your living! "우편 번호" is address. "연락처" is phone number. "핸드폰 번호" is your mobile phone. but, you don't have to write "mobile phone". just write "phone number." "자주쓰는 이메일" is your email. "지역" is area. you'll have to choose "서울". "직업" is your job. "학교" is school. but, It has only Korean school. so you'll have to write "양주" and so on. if you search, click it. "자기소개" is introduce yourself. 비밀번호 열쇠질문 is "password key question", 비밀번호 열쇠질문 답 is "password key question answer". if you done, Let's back to the Talesweaver!!!!

See you next time!

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