Now, write down your ID and password in

"넥슨아이디" and "비밀번호".

If you complete, click "확인".

TW계정ID is Tales weaver ID, so you have to write to use ID.

"사용할수 없습니다" is "not using". "사용 가능"은 "possible using".

"비밀번호", "비밀번호 확인" is tales weaver password and confirm.

"계정 등록이 성공하였습니다" is succees your registration. now, enter the game!

Write your ID and password.

"서버에 접속되었습니다" is succeesful to login the server.

If you have no charcter, click "캐릭터 생성"

"루시안 칼츠, 보리스 진네만, 막시민 리프크네, 시벨린 우, 밀라 네브라스카, 이스핀샤를, 나야트레이" is knight.
"티치엘 쥬스피앙" is only magician. 공격형 is "wizard type", 보조형 is "helper", helper is recover the hp and so on. 전투형 is just think like knight.

and write down your charcter's name. if you done, click "캐릭터 생성". 돌아가기 is "back". "캐릭터 생성 성공" is Charcter make succees.

See you later!