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Thread: Hello! I'm dongwan. "테일즈위버 실행방법 5" "Tales weaver excute method 5"

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    Default Hello! I'm dongwan. "테일즈위버 실행방법 5" "Tales weaver excute method 5"

    Hello! we met again.

    wonder what?

    then send me ""

    my charcter's ID is handsomeboy and my server is 아노라마드(Anomarard).
    If you hate send a letter, whisper in tales weaver.

    Well, Let's begin how to play. start "캐릭터 시작" button.

    then, if you see some opening. while ending,

    you'll meet "세나". she is a guider.

    First, you'll have to go up.

    then you can see the red color and portal. Let's get in.

    In 1층(1 stair), you'll find the recover HP method, and find running and walking. If you press R, you can run or walk. if you run, subtract your SP.
    If your SP is 0, you can't run. now, go to the blue footing. if you step, sena will begin to give you the attack method. if you wanna attack, click to the monster. if come up the sword figure, you'll have to click left mouse. then you can attack. now sena'll make a monster, 2 "젤리삐"s.
    Let's find them and kill!! if you kill, sena'll teach you the use the item method.
    if you wanna use, click "I". "힐링 포션" is healing potion, "레드 허브" is "Red herb." eat healing potion. then you can recover your hp.
    Now, Go up.

    In 2층(2 stairs), sena'll teach you the interface method. if you wanna see your eqipment, press "E". if you want to talk 1:1, press "H" key.
    "캐릭터" is charcter, "콤보" is combo, "클럽" is club, "장비" is equip, "팀 관리"
    is "administration the team". "아이템" is item, "스킬" is skill, "옵션" is option, "이벤트" is event.

    In 3층(3 stairs), you can buy a lot of items, sena'll give you 200 seed and healing potion. "대화하기" is talking, "상점 이용하기" is using the shop.
    you don't have to hear about "Item shop". It's just like cash. but Only can buy Korea's money.

    Go up again.

    In 4층(4 stairs), it's about the skill.

    go up again.

    In 5층(5 stairs), It's about the charcter's status, if you see, press "P".
    Sena'll be give you the exp 500!
    Now, It's time to play games! ask sena and click "더 이상 진행하지 않아도 된다. 이 정도 쯤이야."

    Now, ENJOY GAMES!!!!

    Be careful: Please read about Tales weaver's tip at homepage.

    See you next time ~~~

    이상! 임동완이었습니다.

    If you wonder about Korean and method, send ""
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