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    Exclamation Please Edit for Shadow of Legend

    Game Name: Shadow of Legend

    Game Description:

    Want to take your favorite MMORPG anywhere you go and never have to leave the fantasy world behind? Shadow of Legend is the answer for you. Shadow of Legend is the world's first high-performance, cross-platform 2D MMORPG targeting both PC and mobile devices. Your adventures will no longer be restricted to your PC, but can be taken with you on your mobile device and played right in the palm of your hand!


    • Seamlessly shared MMORPG experience on PDAs, Smartphones, and PCs
    • Multiple races, classes, and professions across a vast virtual fantasy world
    • A beautiful and rich environment coupled with an engrossing storyline
    • Adventure, quest, mount, trade, auction, banking, crafting
    • Live chat, grouping, and guild activities
    • Free to download and free to play

    Shadow of Legend takes you into the mythical Land of Agnes, a once beautiful and lush world, full of creatures and inhabitants that lived side-by-side in peace and harmony. It wasn’t until Chaos, the Bringer of Death and Destruction, began his eternal war against Harmorris, the Great God of Creation, which resulted in the burning and desecration of the lands. The constant warring left the fate of the inhabitants of Agnes at the hands of the gods, and gave them a choice to either join Harmorris and protect the land or join Chaos and conquer the land. You, as a player, get to choose to fight alongside good or evil, and to join an all-out war to decide the fate of Agnes.

    Publisher: SmartCell Technology, LLC.

    Platforms: PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone

    Genre: 2.5D Graphics

    Status: Open Beta

    Please move Shadow of Legend from the "Closed Beta" category to the "Open Beta Category."

    Also, Shadow of Legend is free to play and free to download, so please put Shadow of Legend in the "Free MMORPG" category as well.

    Thank you,

    The Shadow of Legend Team
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