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Thread: The purge of Xelxas IV(a Warhammer 40k RP)

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    Default The purge of Xelxas IV(a Warhammer 40k RP)

    M41 Y794, onboard the Imperial Frigate Harbinger, orbiting the small Hive Planet of Xelxas IV.

    "Commander Dishton, sin, we have reached the target point." Said the Comm's officer. Most ships had replaced their officers on the bridge with Navigational Servitors long ago, but Dishton had always preferred humans on his bridge. They were better conversation, and required less maintenance.

    "Excellent, how goes the status on the ground?" Inquired the Commander. He was a man pushing 240, a mere youth compared to some of the men on his ship now. He had a large scar across his forehead, and two bionic eyes, he had lost the real ones during his first assignment to a Tyranid Carnifex, but he returned the favor by lodging a Frag grenade in the beasts eye. For this reason, Dishton was a firm believer in "An eye for an eye".

    "The planets local militia is holding them back sir, but I don't know how long they can hold." The planet of Xelxas IV had recently been touched by Chaos. Many heretic cells had been discovered and purged in the past years. However, somebody had managed to gather the remaining cells, and form them into a large a single, large cult. The cult had been nothing but a minor nuisance until recently, when cells had begun to appear on nearby worlds, with the members preforming brutal sacrifices for their twisted gods. It was then that the Inquisition had decided to move. They sent an Inquisitor to Xelxas IV to deal with the cult, but the man had since gone missing. It was after this that it was decided to order a mobilization of the "Gray Knights" chapter of the Space Marines. The Space Marines are no ordinary warriors, they are genetically altered to be the most deadly and fearsome warriors the Empire of man has to offer. They stand at over 7 feet tall, their strength is superhuman, and their blessed armor protects them from all but the most fearsome enemies. The Gray Knights chapter is under direct order of the Inquisition, and are often deployed to deal with large-scale outbreaks of Chaos. Their power armor is, as the name may imply, a pure gray. The Harbinger had over 1000 of these warriors on board, ready to deploy them into the battle, and strike-down the enemies of the great God-Emperor.

    "I see," replied Dishton, as he let-out a long sigh, "We're going to deploy a single squad into enemy territory, while the rest of the men fight on the front, causing a distraction. Those we deploy in enemy territory will move for the enemy stronghold, but may make it back alive." He turned to a terminal, and began to sift through a database, looking for soldiers that met his criteria. "We will need our bravest and toughest soldiers in there. They'll be going straight for the enemies heart. These heretics are under a hive-mind type of affect, and if we cut the head of the snake, the body will be helpless. I'll notify the men once I have found the soldiers.."


    All right people, this is my first time hosting an RP, so try and bear with me here. I will be taking the role of the Commander on board the ship, sending you vital data when it is needed, and providing you your next objectives.

    Characters will NOT be submitted via a character sheet, but an in character post. I will notify you if you are accepted, if you are not, I will make a post talking about how your character did not meet the criteria. Please do not post any longer should you not be accepted. Here are points that you MUST make in your first post to be accepted:

    Name: Your characters name, please nothing stupid.

    Appearance: Your general armor appearance, if it is battle damaged, and whether you have a helmet or not. Should you have a helmet, please mention so, as well as the helmet style, basic(looks like a face) or hawk(has a large, pointed tipped(beak)). Please describe your face as well, regardless of whether or not you have a helmet.

    Weapons: The weapons you will use. I will explain the weapon types soon.

    Battle History: Your characters battle history. How many battles you have been in, wounds you have suffered, etc. If it helps, Space Marines generally live to be around 1300 years, if they are not slain in battle.

    Special Skills: Special skills your character has. I shall explain these later as well.

    Now then, to explain those things I mentioned.

    Rifles include one of three types. Bolt Rifles fire large slug rounds, VERY effective at most ranges. Plasma Rifles fire super-heated matter, and are best used at a long range, as the shots splash upon impact. Gauss Rifles fire rounds at such a high speed that the ammo melts before impact, penetrating the target. Needle Rifles fire long needles at an astonishing speed, allowing the needle to slam through flesh and armor alike.

    Pistols have a VERY short range, and meant for close range combat, there are many types in all. Bolt Pistols are similar to Bolt Rifles, using the same ammo, but they are meant to be used only at a close range. Plasma Pistols are similar to their rifle counter-parts, only they do not splash upon impact. Shotguns fire spreading shots, but the range of these weapons is fairly short.

    Heavy Weapons
    These weapons are large, and if you should use one, you may not have another weapon of any type. Heavy Bolter's can be thought of as larger Bolt Rifles, only they fire the slugs at an exceptional speed, allowing a single marine to hold off even more enemies than normal. Heavy Plasma Rifles fire an even larger amount of plasma than the rifle, and can immobilize a small vehicle if need be. Rocket Launchers fire one of two types of rockets, frag, used to kill infantry, and krak, used to destroy tanks and such; the weapon has a good power, but needs to be reloaded after each shot.

    Melee Weapons
    These weapons are used for hand-to-hand encounters, and are often a last resort, they come in many types. The Power Sword has the appearance of a sword, but is charged with pure energy, and can cut through many substances. The Chain Blade can be thought of as a chainsaw, but like a sword, it is worthless on vehicles and machines. The Power Halberd is similar to the sword, but it has a greater range, being a type of spear. The Power Axe is shorter than the sword, but its design allows it to cut through metals easier. Combat Knives are supplied to every marine, and are better than nothing should you opt not to take a melee weapon, or should your weapon be lost somehow.

    Other Weapons
    These weapons will be available at certain times, and are often stationary turrets, and may sometimes require fixing.


    Psychic "Dead"
    This means that your character is "dead" to enemy Psychic effects, which can be thought of as magic, meaning they are immune(One person only please).

    Mechanically Inclined
    Your character is skilled with machines, this is required to fix broken turrets or vehicles.

    Your character is able to drive, and should you come across a working or serviceable tank, you will be able to drive it for the rest of your squad.

    Feel free to create your own, but I will still need to OK each one, in an attempt to keep things even.

    ((That should cover about everything. I will choose a Sargent for the squad after we start, they will be chosen based on posting history, because I want to make sure somebody who knows how to RP well has the position. Oh, and a "Hive Planet" is a factory world, usually one giant city.))
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