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Thread: The Paradox Knights

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    ((too true, but it's a role play requirement to have a glowing object! today marks the great event; the gathering of all the people in the rp, to be bound together in a group aka the starting of the real storyline, where we move through the land together.))
    The quiet man in the corner of the inn was the type to be overlooked. He was short, pudgy around his middle, with a dishevelled face, and eyes that cowered away from faces, like a beaten dog. He had only bought one drink all night, and was still nursing it, though it was now warm and stale. Yes, like everyone else in the common room of the inn, only more so, he was a man to be overlooked. Everyone's farms had abruptly failed, half of their houses burnt to the ground in a freak fire storm. They had no where to stay, and no where to move to, so they spent their last pennies on rooms at the inns, which were overflowing with people barely able to afford bread for themselves, let alone their family. Grim times, where terrible things were done for money, or to save money. Some said a strange army of monsters had begun to march through the realm, destroying cities, and blamed the plague of poverty on them, but most people believed that was some tavern tale, with no credibility. monsters, indeed! That was what they thought before that night, where the most unexpected and overlooked man would become a hero. Because, with no warning, no alarm or announcement or grandeur, an enormous beast broke open the door, and beheaded three people in one sweep of its fiery blade. People simply stared in shock, too horrified to believe it was happening. they simply stood there, waiting to be mowed down. It wasn't until the monster hit the ground, a thin gash ran down his chest, oozing brownish black blood, the consistency of mud, bubbling from the wound. only later did people realise that the man in the corner was the man standing before them, no longer forlorn and overweight, for he had shed his disguise. He was a foot taller, his hair golden red, his body muscular and toned, a blade of shimmering black metal in his hand. he was a Paradox Knight. His eyes were bright, full of fire and joy. He loved killing, hated that he did, but after being so twisted and manipulated, having had to kill so much to prove himself worthy, it was hard to hate it. He was the Light's soldier, however twisted he would become, his priority remained. Kill demons until there were no more, but that was about to change, for in just three days, that would be put second, right in front of his own life, and behind his new priority. To protect his leader, his master, his angel.

    ((yes, I am a Knight, and yes, Knights and angels should try their best to partner up with each other, because in the next step of this roleplay...)

    They would meet in three days, at the citadel of the light, bind each other, and become a whole. A single being in two bodies. Dark, and light, unified, made stronger by leaning on each other. The Knight would be servant, assassin, and warrior for the angel. The angel would be teacher, advisor, leader for the Knight. it was a perfect exchange, and the only way the evil that had touched the land could be stopped.

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    (( *bump* ))

    Swift stopped, and sniffed the air. He was suddenly aware of an overwhelming desire, an urge, a need to reach a far off place. The urge was so strong, he dumped the bags of gold by the side of the road and kicked his heels into the horses flanks, striking out west towards where his urge led him. Just as suddenly, he regained control of his body and reined in the horse, riding back to the road and collecting the bags of gold. Riding into the ruins of the village in the early hours of the morning, he gave most of the gold to the mayor, with instructions to use it to rebuild the village. The remaining bag he would use to buy supplies along the journey, for he did not know how far it would be, could not count on coming across an evil Duke or Earl every day, and would not use his talents against honest folk. Thus, the gold was necessary. Riding along the old King's Road, he was able to make good pace. This comforted him, for he could sense that he would reach his destination with a day to spare should nothing untoward happen.

    (( Sorry about the inactivity - RL crept up on me ))

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