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Thread: Download Time Woes

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    Default Download Time Woes

    I've been really interested in this game for a while, but I never really got a chance to check it out...and now I do!

    So I click the download link on the main site. Cool, cool.

    Download begins using Free Download Manager.

    ...4 hours?! All right, but it's the longest it's ever taken for my computer to download a game.

    I wait about 10 seconds, and suddenly the Estimated Download Time is 10 hours! Double you tee eff?

    And now it seems to fluctuate between 10 hours and 40 hours.

    Now, as I said, I really am interested in this game, and now that I finally have the chance to get to play it, I learn that the download will takes ages to finish...

    The highest downloading speed it's reached is like 12 KB/s...compared to most other downloads ~800 KB/s...

    So there any other site I can download the game from aside from the official site? Or a way to make the download speed up a, a lot?
    I really don't wanna wait so long...

    Thank you all in advance. <33

    EDIT:Nothing? =|

    It's now at 28%, which is about 26% more than it was when I first posted this. Notice how long it's been. @.@

    EDIT2:Okay, it's now at 99%! But download either runs VERY VERY slow or is completely stopped. It better not screw up! I've anticipated this...and it's been over 24 hours since t he download started...don't let it mess up now...T_T
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