meh, sorry if it's really bad xD it's my first guide evarrr =]

[70] 1 Assaulter
[71] 4 Assaulter OR 3 Assaulter 1 Meso Explosion
[72] All into Assaulter
[80] MAXed Assaulter
[81] --I have asked a few C.Bandit friends of mine...and there was controversy-- Some went directly into Thieves, others got 3 Chakra.
3 Thieves OR 3 Chakra
[82] 6 Thieves OR 3 Meso Guard
[83] 9 Thieves OR 6 Meso Guard
[84] If you went with Meso Guard, then at level 93 you would max thieves, if you went straight to Thieves, then at level 90 you would have maxed thieves.
[93] MAXed Thieves***-read footnote-
--------If at level 90 you MAXed Thieves, then you would get 3 Chakra at level 91, 3 Meso Guard at level 92, and 6 Meso Guard at level 93.
[94] 9 Meso Guard
[95] 12 Meso Guard
[96] 15 Meso Guard
[97] 18 Meso Guard
[98] 20 Meso Guard [1 extra point]
[99] Starting here max Meso Explosion, you will have remaining points...and I have no idea what you want to put them in...into anything...but chakra and shield mastery are just worthless.

***Because Thieves has this weird skill change thing, you should [recommended] save points at level 6 Thieves, to level 12 Thieves /1 level of saving points\ then at 12 to 18, 18 to 24, and 24 to 30 [max].

-----Sorry if this guide was a little messy, it's late and i'm tired lol.

A lot of people are anxious to get a new skill so they jump onto Thieves right after, but Meso Guard can be really helpful.

...oh and any suggestions for future guides?