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Thread: Dark Legions

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    Default Dark Legions

    The Story:
    In the planet Earth, The people of it had always inhabited it peacefully and lived in harmony. But now some people are getting annoyed and bored of happieness and want to take over. They may have dark legions, but that won't stop the few that try to bring back peace to Earth.

    Rules of Dark legions:
    1.some swearing but please don't use it that often

    2.No cursing, might wan't to use subs{fuc* = feck

    3.screw the title, do not write anything in it

    4. do not go off the story line, keep the rythem going

    5. match your characters charactistics and others with your story making fun of anothers spelling or puncuation

    7. it is okay if you cannot put any pictures{i can't}
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    Name:Weiss, or earned title:Weiss The Deathseeker.


    Story: Wanting chaos in the world he cuts anything like butter with his thick and lengthy katana. When things get bad he morphs into this,

    When he morphs into this he goes, well, beserk.He will do anything to maintain the chaos.
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    (( This roleplay has no story, thus making the title invalid, the lack of the story makes this roleplay pointless. Locked. ))

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