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    Default want a game

    I dont do much crap on the computer but when I have free times and am not doing anything with friends i'd like a game to play.......
    I want a free game, Has many types of characters/weapons, lots of things to do, a good pvp game, I would like a game where you can be in a guild or have some type of clan, and I don't want it to be like super magic oriented (meaning not being all about magic and more use of swords and stuff) is there any game that could work for me...(thanks for posts)

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    CoH? I hate reccomended P2P games to those wanting F2P (even though I always do) it's more superhero type magic and you cal join a Supergroup which is basically a clan/guild and you can PVP against other Supergroups. Then there's Guildwars which is B2P and free after that, good customization, great graphics, and very guildish (DUH). I personally don't like GW though or CoH. Oh and Legend of Ares is kind of guildlike I think
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    um could i have something really freaky with a pic of a hot chick in it but if to explicit make the chick animated please somethig really dark and freaky im in to that stuff

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