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Thread: Gaming Concept: The benefits of well fitting shoes.

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    Default Gaming Concept: The benefits of well fitting shoes.

    In most games where you can equip your character with shoes they only define the amount of armor you get and sometimes an element you gain a resistance to.

    June, 4, 2006
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    Topic: Gaming Concept: The benefits of well fitting shoes.

    Gaming Aspect:
    Inspired by, who knows. Probably my pair of badly fitting church shoes.

    In most games where you can equip your character with shoes they only define the amount of armor you get and sometimes an element you gain a resistance to.

    Why not have the side effects of well and badly fitted shoes into a game?
    Some of the benefits of well fitting shoes.

    Allow us to walk over damaging terrain.
    Give us a better grip on the ground. (Usually.)
    Allow us to perform moves that would normally damage our feet.

    For game designers some of the benefits of ill fitting shoes.

    Slow you down.
    Increase your clumsiness.
    Can hurt you during unusual movements and over time.

    Each shoe type would have different armor levels, different duraabilty different movement speeds, agility modifiers, elemental resistance, special abilities, and degree of personal fitting.
    And after that’s done there’s still taking it to the enchanters to enhance or add new effects to them.

    Now that I think about it this style can be used on all articles of clothing.
    Think about gloves.

    How much extra space on the CD would such an addition make?
    Hah, Could you sell a giants boots?
    If well made shoes are better for you would tiny shoemaker fairies make shoes that give a higher bonus or would transmutation wizard created shoes give a higher bonus?

    Topic: Gaming Concept: The benefits of well fitting shoes.
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    Ahh I never thought of your last point which I actually like. The fact that crafting would be much more versatile. A new game I believe does something like this where each race is a different size and can only wear armor close to their size. Of course this is much like having race specific armor but more that it is size specific. (A fairy is very small and can only wear small armor but can go in some places in a large group to open a door for every one else is one of the features) It also has a troll which is very big and cannot fit in these spots but wear large armor. Any ways my issue with this is many people don't like to talk about feet. I mean it might seem weird but how often do you hear the talk of feet in real life? Secondly how would one decide what size feet they have? Would they decide a size from 5-13 US or 20-40 EU. (Sorry don't know official sizes) Or would each race and class have a specific size foot which would in the end just end up being class and race specific armor. Or lastly would it be randomly done. Then we have to think about animation as a size. If we were to give feet sizes. Would it show? The different between a size 5,6,7,8 etc. Or would it all stay the same. Changing each size would result in much more graphics displayed and possible lag. If we kept them the same it would be very weird to see some one with a size 5 foot having the same look as a size 14. The last option would be going in the middle, for sizes 5-8 you have one size, 8.5-10.5 another size, and for 11-13 a larger size. This would result in 3 different looks and making most people happy.
    Of course we cannot forget that each race is going to have a different range of feet size as well. I mean a troll having a size 5 foot would be very weird.
    So when creating a character does the foot size change in range depending on the persons other choices? IE the race, the height and build, then finally they make choose the foot size. As so one can be a human 5'10" 150lbs and have a size 13 shoes but cannot have a size 6 shoe. (but if you where 4'2' 90 lbs you can have a size 6 shoe but not a size 13 shoe)
    Now that is my only real problems which I just posted above. I think the idea is great but how it would be implemented is the only issue that would need to be addressed.

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