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Thread: Reign of Terror

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    Default Holy War

    The year is 2050, and the Vatican rules all of Europe, Asia, and Africa. There influence has reached as far as 75% of America. They are the government they make the decisons. But the rest of the world follows a completely differnt religon. The Brotherhood Dalaz, there devotion is to darkness and those that wait in it. A war has not yet broken out between the Brotherhood and the Vatican. But it is brewing.


    1. Okay i wanna have fun with this so don't get ugly or make rude comments. (its just a rp, don't get mad if someone plays u down)

    2. No absoultly no GOD CHARCTERS!!!

    3. Swords, Guns, Axes, Spears, etc. are allowed

    4.You can be either on the Vatican side or the Brotherhood side.

    5. Magic is allowed.

    6. Vampires are mostly related to the Brotherhood, if you are in the brotherhood you are a vampire.

    You can be:
    Swiss Gaurd- personal gaurds for the cardinals and the pope
    Dutch or Dutchess- powerful polictal leaders for the vatican
    Cardinal- Very imporant men with mystical powers.
    Priest- Basically they travel the world use there powers to slay stray vampires.


    ------finish later------------
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