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    "There is no doubt in my mind, that war shall plague Adea again. Though, I fear that the next time, will be the last." - King Orinas, Second King of Cravonia.

    Alright, This RP will be set in the fantasy world of Adea. Four centuries after the first war between the nations, which ended in an alliance between the humans against the demons. Now, it would seem the second war is beginning. Peace between Illisi and Cravonia has been quickly dissolving, and Illisi has begun to send troops overseas to Cravonian lands. Threatening to cut the last thread of hope for peace between the two nations (which you can read more about below.)

    The Nations:

    Illisi: Originally, Illisi was a barren land, its people torn into small factions, fighting for what resources they could find. It is said, that Kirai Omun, the first king of Illisi, brought the factions together. Which turned the once torn lands of Illisi into a kingdom, where the people lived in harmony. One century after its birth, Illisi was ruled by Krim Omun, a ruthless king, whose only love was power. He found out about artifacts hidden in Prinn, that contained vast power. Once they were in his possesion however, Krim didn't know how to use them. After many attempts, he threw them to the ocean. A mistake on his part. Quickly, the continent of Eve, rose from the depths in the south. Creating the first war, of demons against men. Four centuries after the war, Illisi is once again under the rule of a tyrant, Jirai Omun, who wants to expand the kingdom overseas. Currently, Illisi forces are moving in on the Cravonian capital, in order to seize it.

    Cravonia: Cravonia was a young, yet thriving nation when Eve arose. Orinas, the second king, was a wise man. It was he, who gave his hand to Illisi, despite the fact that Illisi had Invaded Prinn to retreive the artifacts they wanted. Though the humans won the war, Cravonians have always been quick to blame Illisites for the loss of lives in the war. Cravonia has noticed that Illisi has begun to move again, making strange military movements into Prinn and Cravonia itself. Cravonia has bolstered its defenses in anticipation of attack.

    Eve: Though the demons lost the war, they are far from dead. In fact, it's quite the contrary. The demons are rapidly forming a legion under the demon queen, Demira. Though their intentions are unknown, They are without a doubt, sinister.

    Prinn: The neutral nation of the elves. Lead by the mother of the forest, Valesti Silvermoon, They have been keeping an eye on Illisi, hoping that it wont find any more seals to break. If Illisi were to attack, Prinn has decided they will enter the war. In hopes that no more nightmares will be unleashed.


    1. God moding is out, of course.
    2. Make your character sheet here, and I will PM you on whether you should change it due to overpowering or not.
    3. Only 3 races, Humans Elves or Demons.
    4. If you aren't going to be able to post for a while, say something.

    Character Sheet:







    Abilities: (You will have a sort of bloodline trait, IE: anything from Telekinesis, to the power to control blades of grass. You can only control ONE element if you choose magic though. I'm giving you free reign here, but don't get overpowered on me. [Also, you can put whatever else fits here, such as being acrobatic, or strong])

    Background/History: (you'll have to either explain this in your character sheet, or later in the RP.)
    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    People In the RP (you will have been PMed about it :P):

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Name: Destin Strider


    Race: Human

    Sex: Male

    Weapon(s): Two swords, named Fang and Driln. Fang being a cruelly jagged-edged sword, and Driln having a curved blade. Both radiate Magic energy, and can communicate with Destin through his mind.

    Appearance: 5'9", Black hair, worn down to his shoulders. His eyes are a deep crimson, which he often gets comments about. He has an athletic build, but not to bodybuilder status. He wears silver chainmail, and leather pants, covered by a long green cloak.

    Abilities: Destin is very acrobatic, and the fact he travels light, helps his movement. Also, Destin is a geomancer, able to control the earth how he sees fit.

    History: Destin is one of the last two living persons of the Strider lineage. At the age of ten, his father, and last surviving guardian, was executed for treason against the Illisi crown. Though it was hardly treason. Jirai had seen Destin's father, Skie, as the biggest threat to his reputation, and quickly moved to silence Skie. Before Jirai was able to condemn Destin and his sister Narcia to the same fate though, they were gone. Skie had anticipated such a movement, and sent Destin and Narcia to places that Skie knew they would be safe. Destin refused to leave Illisi though, and witnessed his father's death before he finally sailed to Cravonia. Because he was so stubborn, he was separated from Narcia. He spent seven years in the town of Applewick, living with a family friend, before he left to find Narcia. Now, he travels where his feet might take him, as he continues his search for Narcia.
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    Name: Calvin

    Age: ???

    Race: Demon

    Sex: Male

    Weapon: Two guns, Calvin is a gunslinger and can wield two guns at once. He designed these guns to have a bottomless pit of bullets, so he wouldn't reload.

    Appearance: A human person with a red jacket that is made of steel.

    Abilities: Basically, Calvin is a jumping person so he can jump on walls, double jumping, and stuff, He also has a very precise and accurate range so its really hard to dodge his bullets.

    History: Calvin, was once a human then he was sent to the underworld because of a problem which happened to him. He wanted to become a demon because he had a horrible life. Nobody liked him, or anything so then he became a demon with two guns.
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    Weapon(s):two samuri swords strapped to my back at all times,and 5 poisened throwing knifes on my left shoulder

    Appearance:6"5,with brown hair and deep green colored eye's, 2 fake horns that were painfully attacked to my head, really muscular. often wears a black cloak that comes down to my feet and a hood that covers almost my whole face besides my mouth, with a thin layer of heavyduty chainmail worn under the cloak for protection.

    Abilities:able to manipulate fire whenever needed,fairly agile for someone as big as me.

    Background/History:grew up in Cravonia where i discovered a foundness of fire and swordsmanship which quickly led me to learn the ancient art of maniplulation fire and makeing fire appear out of thin air along with the art of swordfigthing. When i was in my teenage years i was kidnapped and taken to a remote place to learn how to be a soulless killing machine, 10 years later i escaped from there and found my way to a strange place called Eve. I quickly found out that this city was filled with nothing but Demons that could possibly tear me into pieces whenever they might feel like it. I knew i had to blend in to this civilation so i found someone who magicly and very painfully wove 2 horns in to each side of my head. From then on i've lived in Eve training my skills always watching my back incase the demons somehow found out i was a human.

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    Name: Elrohir

    Age: (Not sure about Elven aging in this RP, so...)217

    Race: Elven(outcast)

    Sex: Male

    Weapon(s): A large great-sword, made of a feather-weight material. He also keeps a small, folding crossbow attached to his right gauntlet, and a spare quiver of bolts at his side. His left gauntlet is spiked at the knuckles, giving him a lethal punch.

    Appearance: About six feet tall. He has short white hair, and eyes the color of the sky. His skin is slightly tanned due to his traveling. He wears think, yet light red armor on his chest and shoulders, his gauntlets and greaves are made of the same material. He has an open-faced helmet made of the same material and color as the rest of this armor, with a visor that he can lower to shield his face in combat.

    Abilities: Using a skill passed-down through his family from the time of the first war, he can focus the power of the heavens themselves into his blade, and fell his enemies with a strike of pure light. He isn't all that strong, but due too the light weight of his armor and weapons, he can swing his sword with incredible force.

    Background/History: A former citizen of Prinn and guardian of the Forest Mother, he left the nation some twenty years ago after slaying one of the palace guards, believing the man was out to assassinate the Forest Mother. After much investigation, the man was found too be planning to assassinate her, but since Elrohir had slain another Elf without proof or consent before hand, he had been exiled from the nation, never to return. As part of his exile, his once pure white armor was painted with a dark red, forever labeling him as a murderer of his own kind. Since that day, he has been traveling around Adea, fighting wherever his blade was needed. He had slain bandits, annihilated war-bands, and was even said to have bested a small group of demons in combat. Some say he fights to regain his honor, but he couldn't care less about "honor", he had done the right thing then, and he continues to do it now.
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