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Thread: how do u get DBS

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    Question how do u get DBS

    how do u get Free DBS coz im a noob and i can get DBS easy

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    dude you created two topics of the same thing. if you did it on purpose to get more attention then dont do that because it sagainst the rules, if you just accidentally clicked the button twice then just be more careful.


    there is no such thing as "free" dbs, anyone offering you a way to get free dbs is 9 times out of 10 going to rip you off in some way.

    you get dbs from any of these ways:

    kill monsters and one might drop randomly
    buy from TQ
    get awarded as a prize (i dont know anyone who this applies to because TQ are a bunch of tight *sses)

    basically, just go and kill loads and loads of monsters, i think you get like 1 db per 500k enemies killed or something. dont quote me on that because i really dont know how accurate that estimate is.
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