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    Default Death Personified

    Meaning you PM me your character sheet and I will critique it. If I don't accept you, don't be angry, I just don't want this to become like the countless other RPs I've made; bogged down full of spam and useless posts.

    The story of this RP will be set around a book I've recently been writing. If you recognize it, then that means you saw it posted in the General section, but I didn't not rip this off of anybody. (just for those naysayer's out there )

    Death is a force. This “force” is what controls your life. It brings you along the events you were meant to carry out, and to your eventual demise. But what if Death was less? What if it were to become human? Many believe that Death would be stripped of its powers and everyone would be invincible, due to the fact Death would not be able to enforce his goal. This is not, or rather, was not, true. Ten years back, scientists had come to the conclusion that if Death were to become real, no one would die; the word of the people became “truth”. A test had been performed, and the results were fatal. If Death were personified, what would happen?

    Death’s appearance had been a man. A normal, living, breathing male. The scientists were wrong in what they perceived. Just because Death had become human, didn’t mean he still couldn’t kill people. What the police found at that laboratory the next morning was gruesome. It seems that Death hadn’t responded well to being made vulnerable. Viscera had been strewn across the ceiling and floor, and blood stained everything. His tactics were gruesome and he left a look of fear on his victim’s faces.

    Ten years have since passed, and no one has seen him yet. A wave of relief has washed over the scientists, but they must still search for him. They must subdue him and destroy him to reach their utopian goal. Hopefully they are able to accomplish this before he takes revenge on the very beings who created him

    ((In this Roleplay, you are to take the role of a scientist, a government executive, a soldier/commander in the Earthican Army, or a simple civilian.

    As a scientist, you work at the labs, and you are under constant watch because of the high probability that you are to be killed first. You may live your life how you please after your work at the labs is done each day, and you can set your life up the way you want.

    As a Government Official, you are able to control what goes on in the country around you. You choose one branch of the government to take control over, and you monitor it closely and make decisions based on actions. Again, you can set your life up the way you want, but you are constantly working so you aren't allowed to wander the streets at all. The Earthican government is similar to a democracy.

    As a soldier in the army, you have no life, but you have a mind. You can control what you do, but you cannot disobey the direct order of your commander. Commanders, on the other hand, are always working so they have no chance to live a life, although you can have one if you please.

    Civilians are simply that. They have a life, maybe a job, or possibly they are bums. The purpose of civilians in this RP is to make Death's job easier. This will be revealed later on in the story.))

    ((Now onto character sheets. This will be a simple character descrpition and bio if neccessary. Note that each player can make up to five characters that all affect the world. This is because I plan to make this a massive RP, and I want it to last for quite a while.

    Ci=Civilian, S/Co=Soldier/Commander, GO=Government Official, Sci=Scientist

    Description of Character: (Include natural apparel as well, but make it pertain to your character's job/social status. Personality also falls under this category.)
    Race: (You can make your own, but the standard is Human.)
    Weapons: (Ci=Optional, S/Co=Mandatory, GO=N/A, Sci=N/A[make up your own weapons, as long as they're not godly])
    Job: (Ci, S/Co, GO, Sci)

    Now, for my character sheet! ^^ I'll begin the RP when at least three people have joined.))

    Name: ???
    Gender: ???
    Description of Character: Being only seen by few people, they have described him as having "a black, inky aura". Nothing else is known to officials of this figure, except that he resembles a Human shape.
    Race: ???
    Weapons: ???
    Job: ???
    Biography: All that is known is that he was born in a lab...

    ((If you haven't guessed who I am yet, then look again. Yes, I will be playing the part of Death in this RP. I will be the one hunting your characters and seeking revenge. The story will move slow at first, so you guys can introduce your characters, but the beginning plays out like any "stroll in the park" roleplay. Then, everything turns to hell as Death unfolds his plan. I will be very secretive in the way I approach things. Also note that I will be controlling your characters to an extent, for good reason though, and nothing particularly bad will happen when I do so.))
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