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this game pwnz , not to be mean but YOU probley dont like it cuz YOU suck at it >_> , its really fun , got my invitation yesterday and im a private, with spear , shotgun , sniper , 2 sub machine guns (start off wep) and new arms
Wow, senseless? It's true, the game does not live up to my standards. The Auto-Aim feature just kills it for me. I can take out 2 or 3 players on my own, but with the lag, and the people that come up in clusters, I get killed very easily. What we should do is petition PlayNC since their Korean counterparts made the game, and get them to make an update without the auto-aim (on small and mid-range items) then try to get them to take out the burst fire so you have more control of your guns (and lessen chances of overheating).